Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 86: We are one

Well! It's been a great week here in Villa Celina! Things are getting better and better and it's getting colder and colder here! This last week was actually pretty warm, but it looks like it was the calm before the storm because now it's hitting hard with the low temperatures, but Elder Garcia and I we'll keep going strong! It's going to be great!

We had a few things going on this week, on Monday we had all of the transfers here in the zone, everyone is super excited for this transfer I'm sure that we are going to be able to work a ton and see tons of miracles!! We were then only 12 people in the zone because they took out one ward from our zone and they put it in the other zone. On Wednesday we had our district meeting, it was really awesome, we had a new district leader and I gave a little class about the obedience as a missionary, and we had a few other great classes about the consecration, some really good stuff it really helped me to understand a few things I need to do better and how I will be able to help more people! 

On Thursday we had our Leadership Counsel with all of the mission zone leaders and the sister training leaders. Some really good stuff there as well, we talked about the goal as a mission to be able to baptize 100 people in one month, with every month we are getting closer and closer, it's truly incredible to see how the Lord helps us when we put goals and we ask for his help to achieve them. One of the most exciting things that happened, after the meeting we got back to our pench and the assistants called us and told us that there were going to be a few changes in our zone. That now instead of there being 12 people in our little zone that there were going to be only 10, they took out the elders from one of the wards and they moved them to another ward close by, but in the other zone, and they told us that we would be only 1 district! Whoo! haha! It was very interesting, so now we're working super hard with us and the other 8 missionaries that are in the zone! 

A little fun fact, I realized that all of the weeks of directing the music in the opening part of priesthood every week have payed off. Because now every week in the ward I am in they too ask me to direct the music in priesthood. haha! A quick thank you to Brother Bateman for asking me to lead the music every week!

One of the things that I am gradually learning is more about the repentance, I've been thinking a ton a ton about repentance all of this week. First I think about the obedience and then I think about when I mess up and when I need to do something better. I've come to realize a few things, many times repentance is something natural that we don't even realize we do. We are always trying to be better, we want to become better and be better people, and we do things to achieve that. Many times what we need is to search out those little things that we do wrong and not do them again. One of the most important parts I realize that I need to apply a lot more, is when I change or want to change, I need to ask forgiveness to God and ask for his help to be stronger the next time. As well, one of the things I'm finding a little hard to do is forgive myself for the mistakes I make, even if they are little things, because I realize that I'm losing blessings, that I'm doing wrong to myself and I'm becoming unclean before God. When I repent I should feel better, and I need to be happy for what I have learned, not keep dwelling on my past mistakes or on my minor errors. I'll keep trying! I truly love the opportunity to repent, what a gift that our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ have given to us.

I love you all! Here are a few photos! I forgot to tell you all, the other week we had a mission meeting with President Whitney L. Clayton, from the presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy! It was really awesome to give him a handshake and learn a lot with him, as well I was very happy to see a lot of my great friends here before they went home this last week. It's sad and happy to see such great missionaries finishing and returning home, sometimes I can't even imagine how it will be, life just seems normal, being a representative of Jesus Christ is who and what I am! It's hard to think than in a short time I won't be it any more. But! We're going strong until the end!! There are still people to baptize!! Let's go!!

I love you all!!

-Elder Slack

Oh! And I forgot to talk about our investigators too! We are working with a couple, their names are Samantha and Andres, they are both super awesome, sadly the sister of Samantha moved back to Bolivia, so she couldn' t baptized here, but we hope that she finds the church over there. Samantha and Andres are still a little bit iffy about getting married, Andres really want to, but Samantha not a whole lot. But we're seeing a little bit of progress there, sadly they didn't come to church yesterday, but we're going to work with them so that they can come this next week. 

This week we were blessed, after searching for many weeks we finally have found some new investigators! They are really awesome and we are hoping that they can progress as well! One of them is David, he's a man about 55 years old, and he lives with his kids and his wife, his wife has a problem where she has forgotten almost everything, she doesn't even know how to respond when you ask her what her name is, it made me a little sad and it made me think a little bit about my little sweet Grandma! Shout out to Grandma Bonney! You're awesome I love you so much! We taught David on Saturday for the second time, it's going to be hard to go to church because he works every Sunday, but he said he's going to ask someone to cover him and he'll go to church one of these day's, let's hope it's sooner than later! We taught him with a recent convert from a few months ago, it was the first time that he went to do a visit with the the missionaries and he loved the experience, so I'm sure we'll be inviting him again this week!

Love you!!

-Elder Slack

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