Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week 85: The last 12 weeks... or... Silence

Hey hey hey to everyone! It's been a great week here in the grand Villa-Celina! More miracles and fun this week!

Today we had transfers!!! And!!!!! It looks like I'll be staying here for at least one more transfer with Elder Garcia! I'm super excited actually. Now that I've got 12 weeks left we're going to keep up the good work and pick up the Slack (pun intended). We're both super excited for another great transfer full of hard work and we're going to be working a ton to help out the zone as well.

Well, I put 2 titles this week to my letter, first, because I've got only 12 weeks left. The other is for something that I have learned. During these last few months I've noticed a huge difference, I have been able to feel and hear the Spirit so much better, but one of the biggest things I've noticed is when the Spirit tells me to be quite. To be silent and just listen. Many times as a missionary I have wanted to say what the person needs to hear, or do what they need done, but sometimes, and many more times than I had thought, the best thing I can do is be silent. When I'm teaching I can feel that I need to be silent and let my companion talk. Or when I ask a question I can feel that I need to wait longer so that the person can think, when someone starts talking and I don't know what to say, I keep quite. What a blessing it has been. No time left. But I'm super excited to keep working with everyone we are teaching. Love you all!!

-Elder Slack

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