Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 84: Down´s and Up's!

Hey everyone!

Great week I'm feeling a lot better now, we were able to work really well all  week so that was super awesome.

It was a harder week at first, we were working and working, but for some reason we couldn't find any investigators. We went several days without finding anyone new to teach and it began to really wear on me. By Friday I was feeling a little down. But! We had weekly planning and me and my companion talked a little bit about the week and a few things we needed to change to be able to find new investigators! With our new `plan in mind we went to work. Still things went just alright, Friday and  Saturday we hadn't found anyone yet either. I was feeling quite sad, and even I ventured to think that I have been working all this time and that no one loves me here.. How satan makes us think right? But, with a little help from God, that thought went flying out of my head! On Saturday night we had an appointment with one of our investigators with who we have been working for several weeks now. Their names are Samantha and Andres, (a couple) And the sister of Samantha Alina. We had one of the best  lessons that we have  had yet with them, and to top it all off, at the end of the lesson they gave to us these super cool hats that Andres brought from Peru when he went on vacations! I went out of  their house feeling so loved and so happy! As well, to end the week with an even bigger smile, on Sunday we had Stake Conference  and our Mission Presidnt was there! After the conference President Calquín and his wife came up and they were just so glad  to see me! President gave me a big hug and his wife was so glad to shake my hand and see that I had recovered well. I realize now that there are so many people here who love me and want me to be happy! 

I'm very happy!

Love you all!!

-Elder Slack

PS. My comp  made cheesecake, a member works printing shirts, and the cool peru hat.

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