Sunday, June 4, 2017

Week 83: And he rested

Hello to everyone! What a different week it has been! I hope you are all well, I am now super well.

During this weeks I think I had one of the most unforgettable weeks of my mission, not because it was super great in the work or anything. I was sick all week! Whoo! Let's go Bronchitits! Yup! Monday in the evening I started feeling a little bad, so we went to the pench a little early, by tuesday morning I was pretty bad. We went to the doctor and he told me that I had Bronchitis, a problem in me lungs, they gave me some antibiotics and sent me home. All week I was recovering. It was very interesting, just resting all week, in some moments I was pretty sad and depressed actually, sometimes as a missionary one is so tired that you just wish you were sick, but when you really get sick, ooooffff, it's the worst! 

But, despite that I learned a lot this week! God was able to teach me a ton. One of the good things of being sick I had a little bit more time to study a few things, I read all of the book Our Heritage, a History of the Church, great book and I learned a lot about where the church came from, it was the first book in english that I have read on my mission, so that was new. Anyway's it was interesting. I'll send you a few quick photos, I'd like to share more, but my time here has ended. Until next week! With love!!

-Elder Slack
A sick Elder Slack doing a nebulizer treatment...

All bundled up and ready to go to work

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