Friday, May 12, 2017

Week 81: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not to thine own understanding.

Hellllloooooo my friends and family!

It's been another great week here in Villa-Celina! I'm here with my new companion now! Elder Garcia! From Paraguay! WHOO!! He's super awesome and I am learning a lot with him! 

It's been a great week overall, we've been doing lot's of follow-up this week with the investigators and the people that we are teaching, it seems like the time just flies flies FLIES by! I can't even believe that I'm sitting here writing you again! I've only got a few minutes left but I wanted to share a few things Iearned this week with you guys!

So! On Friday we had our Leadership counsel with all of the leaders in the mission, it was super awesome to be able to see a few old friends and to hear the counsels of our mission presidente. There have been a few things going on here in the mission and a few missionaries have sadly been sent home, and President Calquin and his wife expressed their love for us and their biggest desires that we can be obedient to the commandments and the rules of the mission. One of the things that I liked most, they mentioned that we have achieved a new high of baptisms in the mission, and they said that it doesn't matter how many of us are working they said that 1 pure person could achieve the same, this is God's work, not ours, our efforts are very small and they should be put in being obedient.

My new companion is really funny, he reminds me of my old hair cutter, he is very direct with the people, and it's hilarious and it works! He is teaching me a new way to teach repentance to the people, sometimes the people aren't sure to do when he is direct with them and they just laugh as he tells them they need to stop smoking or drinking or whatever it is! REPENT o ye sinners!

And last of all, this week has been a little bit of a battle with the health, I've learned a lot about my health as a missionary, I imagine myself now like a health ninja, I want so badly to have good health to be able to work and help the people here that whenever there is any little problem I start searching for everything and anything that can help me to defend my health! It's like.... I cough... BAM! Medicine!... Runny nose.... whiiiishing! eat fruit! I'm tired............. More exercises!! haha! Or something like that...

Anyways! We're great here! I am sooooooo happy! Love you all!! Until next week!

-Elder Slack

Elder Slack and Elder Garcia

Elder Slack and Elder Garcia- eating good food!

 Juan! our investigator who will be baptized on Saturday!

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