Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 78:

Hey Hey Hola!

It's been another incredible week here, we were running around teaching a ton and inviting everyone to read the Book of Mormon and to Pray and all that good stuff, it was nice.

We had some exchanges this week, I was with Elder Hall!! YAY! My MTC Companion! Yeah! you know that's what's up, Elder Slack and Elder Hall back in action, teaching repentance in Villa Celina! Whoo! haha! It was super great, and as a plus, in the night time we bought fried rice, which is something that apparrently they eat a ton in peru, next to our pench and we ate it and it was very tasty!! It was way nice!

Also, on Tuesday we had to do a training for a district in our zone, so we did a workshop on Love and unity. Sounds a little weird now that I write it in english, but it's true, love and unity are very important in missionary work! To pracitce our unity, we bought some bungy cords and we bound everyone together in the district and we made them do some activities. The original idea was to bind them together for a day, but we weren't that sure if it would go over very well with the president when he finds out that we make the missionaries do that, and we weren't sure the missionaries would like it either. So we decided for the less drastic version, but it was great!!

This week was holy week, down here in Argentina, there is a ton of preparation for easter and a ton of traditions about holy week. From Thursday to Sunday everyone was on a fish only diet, with bread and noodles and stuff. But it was awesome! I had my first experience of eating fish that has pokey bones! I didn't know why everyone told me that it was going to be pokey until I started eating and I realized that the the fish that I normally eat is not the same as the fish here, but it was awesome!

We were working with a ton of investigators this week, some of who have made us sad because they don't pray or read the book of Mormon, but others, for example Junior, is super ready to be baptized this week!! WHOO!! we're going to have the interview on Wednesday and then he is going to be baptized! WHOO!! 

And on Saturday, we had a really awesome experience! When me companion started his mission, he started in the ward that is right next to ours and that shares the church with us, he contacted an older man more than a year ago, and on Saturday he was baptized!!! And he asked Elder Gonzales to baptize him!! He was so happy! He has diabetes, and only has one leg, so we had to baptize him as a group, so I and one other elder helped out so that he could be baptized! We were all in white, it was so cool. And Afterwards Juan Carlos was so happy, that's his name, because now he knows that he will have the opportunity to see his wife and his son again, who passed away a few years ago! It was great!

Great week! I be happy! I hope you happy too! No time! Chau!! Much Love!

-Elder SlaCK

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