Friday, April 7, 2017

Week 76: A week without breath

Heyllo everyone! (yes that's a new word I just invented, combining hey and hello)

It's been a great amazing week here in Villa-Celina! It's been so crazy how fast this week passed by. On Friday we had a Zone Conference and Activity, so that took almost all day. Then Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference which was super great! 
I don't have a ton of time so I'll share some quick highlights. A bunch of investigators came to the conference! It was awesome, on Sunday morning we went running (literally running sometimes) to all of their houses to wake them up and to tell them to go to where the bus was going to take them to the stake center, that was super crazy. But sadly as well a bunch of investigators decided to go do other things on the sabbath day... Sad face. But! We're going to call them to repentance this week so that they can come to church this sunday! 

I loved conference! One of my favourite talks was by Elder Costa (you can read or watch it here), if you saw it you'll know why. And especially because we were sitting right by 2 of our investigators while he gave the talk! Their names are Istanislao and Sabina, (sorry if you can't pronounce them) an older couple, they are so nice and kind and it was there first time coming to church this Sunday!! It was so awesome to hear the talk and to look at them and see how happy they were as they heard him talk about his experience of getting to know and his conversion to the church. I learned a lot from this conference and I'm super excited to be able to apply it now!

The rest of the week was super great, we didn't find to many knew investigators this week so we are going to be focusing on that, but we helped a little bit the investigators that we have that they could progress. But now we just need a little push more so that they can start getting baptized we hope! 

Anyways! Until next week! I love you all!! 

-Elder Slack

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