Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week 74: HEY! I feel like I've been here before...


It's been another incredible week here in Argentina! I'm still loveing it here in the mission and!!!!!:...... We have a transfer!!!!! WHOO!! Haha! Last night I slept my last night on an air mattress because today I'm going to have an area again!! Yay!!! And I know my area probably sounds familiar because it might be... I'm going to Villa-Celina!!!!! (Or sometimes known in the mission as Villa Zion. Villa (pronunciation: Vee-sha Se-lee-na) means like ghetto.) WHOOO!!! Villa-Celina is the area where we went where there are a ton of people from Bolivia and Peru! It's going to be great! I'm super excited, and I'm going to be Zone Leader.

Last transfer we went there the first week of the transfer, we were there with Elder Jones and Elder Hernandez. I'm going to be on the other side of the ward, with Elder Gonzáles who is from Bolivia! It's going to be a super awesome transfer I'm super stoked. We are going to work a ton to be able to help the zone grow and to be able to help the ward grow a ton! We're going to work work work, and that's not all because then we are going to work some more! After being an ETM (traveling missionary) for 3 transfers I'm pretty thirsty to help tons of people repent and be baptized! AHH!!! WHOOO!!! Haha!

Anyway's, other than the transfer it's been a super great week here. We were in Villa-Fiorito this week. And I was with Elder Ribeiro again! yay! (but now he uses his moms last name instead of his dad, so he's Elder Branco) He was my second companion here in the mission and I trained him! He's progressed a ton, and he's still working super great as a missionary. It was awesome to be able to work with him this last week. 

In the ward on Saturday there were 4 baptisms. But last minute on Saturday, when we had everything planned out super well, there was a problem. I was with Elder Branco (Ribeiro) and the my companion Elder Cedeño and the other Elders, Elder Portugal and Elder Curo (we had a trio of missionaries as well) called us, and they tell us that there isn't water in the church or anywhere near there! AHH!!! So we start trying to change the baptism to do it in another church really close, but they have an activity and they tell we can't do it there! AHH!! So we had to move the baptism to a church super far away, in the stake-center, which was about an hour, hour and a half in bus. We had to run around all day to make sure that the clothes would be all ready, we had to do a quick service project in the morning and we had to run to all of the houses of the investigators who were going to be baptized and then we went with them all the way to the other church, in a ward called Banfield. Anyways. It was super crazy, and there wasn't anyone from the bishopric there so we called the branch president and he said that we could do it. So my companion conducted the meeting and I presided! Whoo! It was short, simple, but sweet! 

It was a great week, but now I'm super excited to be able to work once again in my own area! It's going to be GREAT! Anyway's I love you all! I hope you have a great week!!!


-Elder Slack
Waiting at the bus stop

The baptism that we helped plan and prepare for

Elder Slack is the one in the front

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