Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 73: Small Town

Hello starshine! The Earth says Hello!!!

Um... Actually! I say hello to all of you!! HELLO!!! 

YAY! Another great week has past by here in Argentina. I can't believe sometimes how fast the time is flying. It's the last week of the transfer right now, by next week we could have some change, or maybe not! But, we'll just wait and see! 

It's been a pretty awesome week, this week we were in Cañuelas, it is the 3rd farthest area in the mission from everything else. It's a little city in the middle of not a whole lot. But now it's grown a little bigger because a giant, like literally GIANT, oil factory is there. We had a great week! We were with Elder Vergara from Texas and Elder Curtis from Montana! It was super awesome being with them this week! I loved it!!!

Cañuelas is a little bit of a small town kind of place, but it was super fun! A little bit of an interesting experience, the elders there told us that sometimes when the missionaries get called there they feel like they have been banished or something, because it's super far out, but really they were doing really great and it was good to see that they were always really excited as they were working!

We taught this really nice lady this week that they had found 2 weeks ago, her name is Isabel and is about 65 years old, she is super awesome, she always reads in the Book of Mormon and she is super excited to be able to come to church. She can't really walk well because she had a stroke a few years ago. But she was so nice! We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and how God has revealed to the Prophets in these days that we shouldn't drink tea, and right before we had gotten to her house she had prepared herself a tea to drink, when we taught her about that and we asked if we could throw her tea in the sink she was like "Of course! I don't even really like tea that much" Haha!

Also there was a storm this week on Thursday, some of the trees had fallen down or some big branches in some places and stuff like that, when we went to visit Isabel a tree had fallen in her yard and broken her power wire, so she was without electricity, we were able to help her, the 4 or us missionaries, to cut up the tree and move all of the branches that had fallen and then her son came and reconnected the cable! She was so happy! I was so grateful to be able to serve her and help her!

Last night when we got back to Monte Grande, where we stay on Sunday nights, we talked with the elders a little bit and we found out that their neighbors were a little bit angry with them for a few of the things that they and we had done, careless things, like forgetting to close the gate a few times, but still we felt bad. I was thinking a lot about that last night, I kept thinking and thinking about what we could do to gain their confidence again. We could buy them a little dessert, or bake them something, we could leave them a little card to say that we were sorry, or we could pass by and ask them what it is that we can do to not annoy them so that we don't keep doing it, lot's of things. We are representatives of Jesus Christ and we hope that we can act in such a way to have the trust of the other people. While I was pondering a little bit about that I realized that it really applies to repentance all of that, when we mess up or do something wrong we should always think like that. I want to be able to recognize what I have done wrong and then think of all of the possible ways to make it right and all of the ideas and things I can do to be able to avoid the problem again! That's what I thought, so that's what I am going to try and do! 

Anyways it was a great week, it's starting to cool down now as fall is coming very slowly. I loved being able to work with the Elders this week and learn and teach with them, they are so awesome! I hope you are all well! I'm loving the mission! It's so great! Until next week! Chau!!

-Elder Slack

P.S. Sorry can't send photos this week, the USB drive doesn't work.

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