Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 72: "______"

Well, I think this happens almost every week, I get here and I sit down at the computer and my mind just goes completely blank about what happened during the week! Haha! 

It's been another great week here en La Misión Argentina Buenos Aires Sur! It's been pretty awesome! This week we were in the area of González Catán 2B, with Elder Dispirito, from Virginia, and Elder Piñol, from Tucumán, here in Argentina!! It was a pretty awesome experience being able to spend the week with them back here in Catán. Let me just think really quick about the things that we were able to do.....

Oh yeah! I remember now!! Well, this week we were focusing a ton on Repentance and baptism, but as well our President has told us that we need to Flood the World with the Book of Mormon! So! That's what we did! All week we used a ton of books of Mormon to invite the people to come unto Christ. It was interesting to see the looks on peoples faces when we asked them if we could give them a free book, when they were expecting us to pull out a little pamphlet and we would take out this big blue book! haha! Everyone was super surprised, but they normally accepted it as well! 

This week as part of the interviews that President is doing with the missionaries, whilst he interviews some of us, the rest sit and have a chat with the Asistents. It was really interesting this week. They asked us all the question if we could do 1 thing to make the mission better, what would we do? There were lot's of different answers. One of my favorites was that we should sit in silence for at least 15 minutes in our pench everyday, so that we can invite the spirit and have a little bit of time to meditate. We're going to try and start doing that every night. As an ETM, we always have at least 4 elders in the same pench, so there is almost no quiet time! Haha! It's super fun, but we've seen that it would be great too, to have a moment of silence.

The craziest thing I think that happened this week, as we waited to take the bus to go over to the church one afternoon, there was this guy that was pretty drugged up, and he put himself right in the middle of the busy street and started yelling at all of the cars and then he would stand right in front of the buses and make them stop, then he would run and smack the mirror a few times and let it pass. Then after doing that for a few minutes he decided to take a nap right in the middle of the street! Yay! Not good! haha!

Anyways! I love you all! until I see you next week! Here are a few pics!! Chau!!

-Elder Slack

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