Friday, March 3, 2017

Week 71: Time Management

Hello to all of the world! I love you all!

This week was AWESOME! Just like every week here! It's been a really different week actually though, it was pretty weird. But I liked it, I learned a lot and we got to help lot's of people!

This week we were in Guernica! With the Elders Santos from Brazil! And Elder Kautai, from Texas! They are both really awesome, it was super fun to be able to work with them. We had a blast!

It was a different week, why? Well, I'm not sure. At the beginning of the week we had to help clean the pench of the Elders, because there were a few things that needed a good cleaning, then throughout the week to be able to work in the area we had to travel a lot more than normal to work in the area that we wanted to. Just lot's of little things seemed to eat our time little by little, in the moment it seemed like it was alright, but when you sum up all of the time of the little things it adds up and in the end you end up losing lot's of good proselyting time. We were trying and trying all week to get in some good working day's, but it we had to push up until Wednesday Thursdayish we finally go out working. 

Anyways, no more time, but I love you all! Until next week!!!
-Elder Slack

Elder Kautai and Elder Santos helping with the service project 

Elder Stockton Slack and Elder Santos out proselyting 
The baptism Elder Santos and Elder Kautai had and we helped get ready for

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