Friday, February 17, 2017

Week 69: Bolivia or Villa-Sión

Hey everyone! It's been another great week here in good old Argentina. We've been enjoying some more new experiences this week. It was pretty great! 

I'm here with Elder Cedeño from Panamá, this week we went to the area Villa-Celina! One of the most interesting areas in the mission. Why? You may ask. Well, here in Argentina, there are many people from other countries from around here. From Paraguay, from Chile,from Perú from Bolivia. And well, this week we were in Villa-Celina, which is full of people from Bolivia! It's like it's on little Bolivian/Peruvian community! It's very interesting. So this week we were able to see a little bit of Bolivia here in Argentina. And surprisingly it's very different. I got to try new foods, some of the classic Bolivian foods. I got to see how they build their houses, it's interesting because they build up and up and up. 3 or 4 floors is normal and they keep building more and more! And Like 3 or 4 families all live in the same house. 

So yeah! It was a pretty interesting new experience! I just love getting to know all of the different culture! And I love getting to know the new people! We were working this week with Elder Jones from Pleasant Grove Utah and Elder Hernanadez from Mexico! They are both great missionaries and I liked being able to work with them, they are both really awesome!

On Friday Elder Cedeño got sick so we couldn't work (sad face). But in between his bathroom breaks it was good to be able to talk with him and get to know him a little better! We ended up going to the hospital yesterday morning to be able to see what's up, and in the end they said he had Gastritis, what I had a few months back in Villegas, They said it's probably from eating differently, the new Bolivian food that we tried was pretty heavy and he's not used to eating so much So they said he should eat more lightly for this next week so that he can better and that he should still take it easy.

This week we are going to VILLEGAS!!! WHOO!! My old ward!! With.... ELDER TOLENTINO!!! Whoo! My trainer again!! haha! So it should be pretty fun! Thanks for everything, this week I can't send photos either, but i love you all and you can imagine my face smiling super big and being happy! and in the rain, because it is currently raining outside. Until next week! Chau!!

-Elder Slack

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