Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week 68: The rains came down and the Elders came over

Hey Family and Friends! I hope all is well in the real world, over here in Argentina it's been another great week! 

This week we were in Aldo-Bonzi, with Elder Barrios from Paraguay and Elder Torres(The same Elder Torres from San-Vicente!) From Chile! It was a great week, full of surprises. 

On Wednesday we went to a special meeting with all of the "ETM's". Now instead of just being us 4 "ETM's" working and helping out in the mission, there are now going to be 8! Whoo! I've got a new companion! His name is Elder Cedeño, he's from Panamá, he's super awesome, I've known him since the start of my mission, we were in my first district together and we are going to finish our missions together! It's going to be a blast of a transfer I'm super excited! It was a great time with Elder Escandon, but now we're going to be doing a few things differently. 

Well, before what we were doing we were 2 companionships, one companionship went to an area the first week and found lot's of people, then the next week we went to that area and we did lot's of follow-up on the investigators that they had found, while we were doing that the first companionship was in a new area finding more investigators then the next week we would go and do more follow-up and find more people. Well now what we are going to do. There are 4 companionships and 2 teams. In each team there are 2 companionships. So what happens the first week both companionships will go to 2 different new areas at the same time, and we will both work all week trying to help the investigators that they already have and trying to find lot's more. Then after a week we are going to exchange areas with the other elders and they will go to the area where we were and we will go where they were and we will do lot's of follow-up and we will try and find lot's more people now too. Or something like that! Haha! It's a little confusing, but we're going to have some fun with it!!

Well this last week was really great! On Saturday we were walking around looking for some new people to teach and we couldn't find anyone that was ready to be taught in the same moment. We were looking and looking, well after a little bit the clouds started rolling in and in a little more it was about to start pouring. We headed over to the only appointment we had of the whole day, and luckily they were there waiting for us. We went inside and just as we start teaching fwoosh, it starts pooouring a ton of rain. haha! We looked outside and we realize that we would have gotten drenched, but luckily the Lord protected us and we could be teaching in just the right moment! haha!

The best investigator of the week was Martin (Marteen) and Lucas,  Martin we taught, he's getting out of drugs and is trying to stop his addiction to tobacco and alcohol. It was fun teaching him all week and we were able to see his progress, he's a little bit funny. Martin is the dad and Lucas is his son, but they both act like they are 10 years old! (Lucas actually is 10, but Martin is 30) They came to church on Sunday and it was so hilarious to see them acting like little kids in the sacrament meeting. Lucas, the son, would make a "silly face" by sticking his tongue out or something like that, and then the dad, Martin, would tell him to "Stop" while at the same time he would bust out laughing! Haha! What a fun week!

Love you all! We are no longer in the offices because there are now 8 ETM's, so we moved out to Monte Grande! So It's a little harder to work things here in the internet Café type thing. I can't send photos this week, but I hope I'll be able to next week! Until we see again!!


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