Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 67: It's a dog eat my back end world.

Hey everyone! Another week has already gone by, how fast the time is truly flying. It's been a pretty crazy week filled with new adventures and new and interesting experiences and I'm bringing it to you now straight from Argentina! WHOO!!

This week we were in Banfield 1B with Elder Colmán from Paraguay and Elder Hebdum from Washington. It was a really great learning experience with both of them I liked being there with them. 

Well to start off the interesting and new experiences I had the great opportunity to be able to bathe all week with a bucket! WHOO! In the pench the water pump to move the water to the water tank broke, so we were without water all week, we could only take water out of a spigot in front of the pench. And the stove didn't' work either so we would heat up the water in the microwave and then we we would "Bathe" ourselves by throwing the water on ourselves. I actually kind of liked it though! But I think I prefer running water.

To continue, on Tuesday we were heading out of the door from the lunch appointment that we had, it was super great the sister was really awesome, and I go to walk out the front gate and I hear Rrrrrr and I feel a jolt! "OUCH" i said, and then I realized that the sister's dog had bit me! Yup, it bit me in the butt. Haha! It didn't hurt that much, but we got back to the pench and looked at it, it was really super small, but it bled just a little bit. So we had to call the presidents wife and she said I had to go to the hospital just because you never know, so we went the next day. No shots, luckily, but I'm on some antibiotics! YAY!! :P

On Friday, in the morning I got sick, I had a low fever and a headache all day, so we went to lunch, but other than that we didn't go anywhere all day.

And those were a few of the fun experiences we had. One of my favorite moments of the week, on Thursday whilst working with Elder Colmán we were going some places and contacting a ton of people and we started talking to this man who was fixing his fence. It was like a miracle, he just started telling us all of the problems that he has had over the last year, he's been having lots of family problems and some health problems and now he's living all alone because his wife left him. And Elder Colmán and I we were able to testify to him about how much Jesus Christ was going to help him in his life, it was so incredible, all share our testimonies I could feel the spirit so strongly, it was incredible, I could feel so strongly that the spirit was testifying of our words. It was great, but then it made me so sad, this great man who needs so much of the help of Christ and he said that he didn't know what to do and that for right now he didn't want our help. It made me so sad to see that someone who's life can change and fix all of there problems decide not to get the help of God. We left him with the invitation to pray and we left.

That's about all from this week! I'm loving it here still, We've got some changes with the schedule now that the apostles just announced in the world broadcast, so next week our president is going to announce what the changes will be for our mission specifically! Love you all! Until next week!

-Elder Slack

(Captions added by Mama Slack)
Elder Branco and Elder Slack. Notice that they each have 2 name tags on, one on their suit coats and the other on their white shirts- they are always wearing/bearing the name of Christ.

Elder Stockton Slack at a dinner appointment. I am so grateful for the love and kindness the people of Argentina give to my son and the other missionaries he serves with. Thank you for feeding and caring for him while he serves his mission!

Elder Stockton Slack proudly wearing an Argentina baseball hat. I love his smile!

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