Friday, January 20, 2017

Week 65: I need thee every hourly bathroom breaks

Well well well! What a week it has been! I love you all! I hope you all had a great week, and if you don't it's your own dang fault!

This week was a different kind of week. We went to the area of Longchamps, that was in my last zone before getting this assignment. It was fun actually. We were with Elder Tobler from Las Vegas Nevada and Elder Cornejo from Chile and for part of the week Elder Méndez from Argentina! They are really great Elders. 

Elder Tobler was my first district leader, so it was great to work with him! He's really funny, he's going to be finishing his mission in 3 weeks he was pretty excited for that, as you can imagine, he had a whole list of the different foods that he wants to eat when he gets back he read it to me and it made me just a little trunky, it made me think about all of the foods that I miss. But it's all good!

Elder Cornejo is from Santiago Chile, he knew Elder Reyes before the mission, one of the Elders I was with in Ciudad Evita a few weeks ago. He's pretty new in the mission, he's only got 3 months here he just finished his training, but he's really excited and he's really smart. He loves working and serving the people. He's ¿24? years old. He was studying astronomy before the mission, specifically about black holes and stuff like that, so that's pretty cool!

Elder Mendez, he´s from Argentina Buenos Aires North, he was just waiting for his Visa to get here so he could go serve the rest of his mission in Mexico. He's pretty funny, really Argentine that's for sure. But just this week on Friday he went and hopped on the plane to go to the Mexico Puebla North mission! So he was super excited for that. It was fun to be in a trio for a few days this week.

Elder Escandon is still my companion. (Just in case you guys forgot) WHOO ARIZONA!!

Well, this week has been pretty interesting, we had a few new challenges that we had to overpass (if that's a word). We ordered some pizza from this kind of iffy place on Tuesday night, so we all had some diarrhea for a few days! Whoo! That was pretty bad. Elder Tobler got the sickest of all of us, he was throwing up and everything, so he had to stay home on Wednesday and Thursday. My tummy problems started on Thursday pretty bad in the morning, so I didn't go out to work on Thursday. I woke up with needing to go to the bathroom and a low grade fever. After resting it up all day with Elder Tobler we were back in the game on Friday. Our stomachs were still kind of iffy on Friday and Saturday, but we went, as some would put it, accident free! Now my stomach has been back to normal almost all day today, I decided it would be better if I eat more fruits and vegetables than pizza to prevent any kind of future problems. But all in all it was a good learning experience and I hope that we'll be ready to go to work this week on full blast!

Tomorrow we are going to have our interviews with Presidente Calquín! Pretty excited! I hope it goes well!

One of the highlights of the week was being able to teach the Sanchez Family, they're a super great family, we taught them the law of chastity and we talked about the importance of being married. They were all agreed and said that it was really great! One of the couples said that they want to get married! So that was pretty awesome! 

Anyway's that's all for now! I love you all and I hope that you guys are all great! Have much love to you all!

-Elder Slack

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