Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 61: BAUTISMO!!

Hey Hey Hey!! 

It's been a great week here! This past week we were in the ward Ciudad Evita 2A! We were with Elder Reyes and Elder Ramos! The ward shares a chapel with my old ward Villegas! It's was an incredible week! Full of learning and lots of great experiences. 

First things first, on Saturday we had a few baptisms! It was super fun! Three little brothers that the missionaries had found about 3 weeks ago that they had been teaching, and another woman that they had been teaching for about a month now. It was so great being able to work with them this week and help them prepare for baptism. The woman´s name is Karen, it was really interesting because just this week she was going to be baptized and everything seemed to go super crazy in her family, one of her daughters decided to fight with her and she was super stressed out, but when we passed by and talked with her we were able to help her feel better and she realized that it was like the Elders had told her before, that the devil is going to do everything possible to stop her from being baptized, so it's important that she can be firm and strong! And she made it!!

The other 3 kids, there names are Ismael, Alexis, and Arión. They're brothers, well Alexis and Ismael are brothers and Arión is there cousin I think. They're super awesome these little dudes, 2 of them are 12 years old and the other is 10. We taught them a few times, they had heard about Joseph Smith before from the Elders so when we showed up the second time, they showed us how they had buried a Book of Mormon in their front yard so that they could be modern day Joseph Smith's when they dug it up. I have to admit it was pretty awesome. 

On Saturday in the morning we did an activity in the ward where we brought all of the missionaries from the zone and we did something a little different that's called una Tormenta Amarilla (Yellow Storm). It originated from an activity that they normally do that's called una Tormenta Blanca (White Storm). Where you send lots of missionaries to contact all of the people that they see, more or less. But in the Tormenta Amarilla, we all put on those Mormon Helping Hands shirts/vest things and we went and talked with everyone possible and we knocked on a bunch of doors and we brought brooms and we offered to sweep their sidewalks! It was pretty awesomely fun! And we tried to teach the person while one of the others was sweeping! It was different than how we imagined it, but it worked great!!

It was such a great week, being able to work with the Elders was great, they are both incredible missionaries, I loved getting to know them and I loved learning from them. I could see that both of them love so much the people that they teach, and I loved seeing how they weren't trying to act to be a missionary or anything, I could see it was actually something that they want to be doing, they would talk with us in the pension in the same way that they would talk to the people that they are teaching or that they would contact. It was a great week! I hope all is well with all of you! I'm super excited to be able to skype my family this coming weekend!! I love you all and I hope you enjoy your Christmas's!! Until next week!! Chau!

-Elder Slack

Below are some pics from the Tormenta Amarilla and the kids that were baptized!

And here are some other photos, We also had the christmas ward dinner this week, I loved the costumes that the kids used to dress up, it was pretty funny their play type thing.

And we did 2 services this week, we helped adjust the water tank of a family that was about to fall down, and we helped to dig out some trees and I got a little "boo boo" on my finger. 


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