Saturday, December 17, 2016

Week 60: We teach English!


Hi to everyone out there in the world, I'm back! Once again! We're here and it's been another incredible week!

This week we were in Laferrere 1A, which is in the zone of González Catán! (My first zone!) We were with Elder Hunt and Elder Alvarez! Elder Hunt is from Virginia, and Elder Alvarez is from Mexico, from a city right next to the border of the United States. It was a week full of work, we worked and worked and worked until we almost couldn't work any more, then we worked some more! Haha! But it was great!! It was a little bit harder this week because we had some activities that we had to go to so we had a little bit less time. But it was great! 

On Tuesday we had to wake up and we all got together with the zone in my first wards chapel, Catán 3, and we got on a bus and we went all the way out to San-Vicente again! We had zone conference there, it was amazing! My favorite part was easily the presentation from the assistants. They asked us a question "What does it mean to be a representative of Jesus Christ to me" and then they showed a ton of the videos and photos from when we all got our mission calls. They showed videos of us opening our call and reading that we have been called to serve in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission! WOW! It was so awesome, you could just feel the spirit there, it was incredible to hear as everyone of the missionaries read their calling. Then at the end of the video they asked us the same question, "What does it mean to be a representative of Jesus Christ to me?" and then we had a little bit of time to write down our thoughts and impressions. It was incredible, normally when we have zone conferences there's lots of talk about how to teach, how to contact, how to baptize, lot's of different things, but this time they just asked a simple question, and I think it was one of the best zone conferences that I have had. It really reminded me why I am here, it reminded me that it was my decision to come here and be a missionary, this is my dream, I have wanted to do it all of my life and now I'm here. So what will I do to be an amazing representative of Jesus Christ?

Anyways, the rest of the week was work work and work, one of the best persons we found, I was walking with Elder Hunt and we saw some men working on their trench sewage thing in front of their house, so we offered them a little bit of help, naturally they declined, even though we work for free, but then we started talking with them a little bit about the light up the world project that's going on right now, and a woman that rents from one of the men was right there in front and she started talking with us too. We talked with her and after a little bit she told us that she always liked learning English in school, but never could develop it a whole lot. And naturally Elder Hunt and I speak English, and just last week the elders started teaching English classes in the church once a week on Thursdays, which that day just happened to be Thursday, we invited her to come to the class that we were going to have in an hour and a half. And she came!! She loved it a lot and then she stayed afterward for the ward family home evening! It was awesome, then we had a little discussion with her in one of the classrooms and we taught her a little bit about the Restoration of the Gospel and Repentance and Baptism, it was a great lesson, and she said that if she receives an answer from God she would be baptized on December 24th! It was awesome!

Anyways, one of the crazy things from the week, on Friday night our neighbors decided to have a party, so they had music blasting from their giant speakers outside all night! So I woke up like every hour to the bass dropping hardcore as they listened to their electronic music all night, then when we got up at 6:15, the decided to turn it off.... AHHH!! Hahaha! It was an interesting night! 

Anyway's I love you all! I hope you have a great week! It's been so great here! I love working with and getting to know the missionaries here! They are all so amazing and everyone has a different story, it's so great to have this assignment! I love it!! Until next week!! Chau!!

-Elder Slack

(Oh! And we celebrated my birthday with oreos and cookies! And I bought this candy type thing that's called Mantecol, It's essentially like the inside part of a butterfinger. SUPER DELICIOUS!!! The other elders had a baptism and we did a service clearing out all of the tall grass from a half constructed house!)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week 59: Working in San-V

Heyllo to everyone! It's been another incredible week here in Argentina! I'm here to write you all again to let you know all the good stuff that's been going on here in the ARGENTINA!!

It's been a week of ups and downs here, the things have been going great! This week we've been in San-Vicente, which is part of my last Zone. We were with Elder Bautista y Elder Torres! It was a pretty awesome week. 

We did a service project on one of the days, we helped out one of the investigators, her fence was broken so we went on over with a shovel a pick and a drill and after working all morning we were able to fix things up! 

This week we were super close to helping someone be baptized, at the end of the week we decided that it would be better to give him a little bit more time to prepare a little better. But he did stop smoking, he stopped drinking, he stopped doing drugs all this week and was super excited to be baptized on Sunday! But that's alright he's still excited to be baptized another day. 

I can't really remember anything super exciting that happened this week, we just went and we worked super hard all week long, so that was great. I'll put a few photos so that you guys can see a little bit what we've been doing! 

Yesterday we had a little "meeting" with Presidente Calquín! It was fun, we talked with him and he talked about what we is hoping from us and that we need to keep working and that we need to try different things, we need to make changes, big and small, we need to do everything we can to change the culture of the mission so that we all have a need to baptize and help the people.

I hope everything is going well with all of you guys! I'm loving and learning from everything! Until next week! This week we are going to be in Laferrere 1A with Elders Hunt and Alvarez! It's going to be great! I love you all!!

Elder Slack
Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission
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