Saturday, November 26, 2016

Week 57: What a week!

Hello World! You're hearing from me tonight, we're back and it's Sunday! Here as an ETM we get back from the area after lunch on Sundays and now we're here in the offices of the mission. We have  a little bit of time to relax, go over the week with the other half of the team and when there's time we can do part of our emails! So I'm going to write this email to all of you right now, and then if anyone wants to send me an email you can send it and I'll look at it tomorrow! 

But it's been a great week here!! It was a great week with the Elders in Burzaco B, there were a few last minute changes on Monday night, we got there and there were a few phone calls made and one of the Elders was transfered super fast. On Tuesday morning they brought over Elder Smout! So we spent the week with Elder Smout and Elder Tolentino!! It was a great week, full of miracles and lot's of learning!!

Some good news real quick, the mission let's us use one of the cameras that they have, so I'm back taking some photos!! So all of you will be happy to see my smiling face, now with 14 Mega pixels!! Haha!

I spent the majority of the week with Elder Tolentino because Elder Smout didn't know anything about the area. We had a few exciting things that happened so I'll try and sum it all up for you guys!

All week we were working really hard to be able to find new people and with the people that we were already teaching to be able to help them be baptized if possible, we had a youth that is 14 years old that wanted to be baptized, he passed the interview and everything but the district leader said that he felt he should wait a week or 2 more. So he wasn't able to be baptized. But we found a ton of people, working together we found some people super ready and prepared for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. We left the area with 3 people and another family with baptismal dates so that they can help them by doing lots of follow- up. We hope that all of them can be baptized in the weeks to come. The 3 people, Yanina, her sister Zoe, and the youth that was preparing to be baptized came to church today!! 

On Thursday the assistants called us up and they asked us to come to the training meeting of the district leaders so we went over AdroguĂ© (where the offices of the mission are) and we helped them out. We did a proselyting activity, they told us that the best way to learn is to do, so we went out to work and find new people for 2 hours!!  They had us be the "leaders" of 4 different groups, we went out to work and find lot's of people to teach and to help! It was great!! I went with and elder, his name is Elder Soelberg, from Utah as well. After doing lot's of contacts and finding lot's of great people decided that we needed not only to talk with lot's of people, but we wanted to teach someone! We found one man in the train station that was selling shoes, he was just chilling there in front of all the people, and none of the missionaries had ever talked to him. We talked to him for a bit, we explained the Restoration and we asked him to say the prayer to end. As he prayed he started praying for his family for the problems that he has had with his wife and his son. He ended the prayer and started to tear up a little bit, he told us about how he's been having problems for awhile and that he's been searching for help. As we talked with him that day I felt that we were able to bring him a little bit of the help he was looking for! 

On Friday we went back to work with the elders in Burzaco, and on Saturday we were able to find a few new people to teach and the hermanas in the ward had a baptism, we invited a ton of investigators to the baptism and it was great. Only 2 of them could come, but I felt that they were able to start to feel the spirit a little bit better and then they came to church this morning too! 

One exciting but terrible thing happened yesterday on Saturday, I was pedaling along on the bike with my companion, I decided that I want to go a little bit faster (bad decision number 1) so I stood up on the pedals (bad decision 2) and pedaled with all my might to get to the investigators faster (I thought, and bad decision 3) as I accelerated the chain popped out on the bike, that's alright I thought, I'll just slow down and fix it. NOPE it seems like the bike had other ideas, the handlebars bent down from the pressure I was putting on them I fell straight down hit my hangdowners on the bar in the middle of the bike and I dove for the front of my bike head first I hit the grass and did a few somersaults. WHOO! It was super fun. I was not injured seriously, but I did hit one part.... in particular pretty hard! Needless to say I was in pain for quite some time, we retreated to the church close there for 20 minutes so I could recover. 

Anyway's that was my week! It was incredible! I'll read all of your emails tomorrow and I'll respond! Here's some photos! I love you all! It's great here! This week we're off to Spegazini in the zone of Monte Grande!! Whoo!! Until next week!! Chau!

-Elder Slack

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