Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 56: The Office

Elder Slack, the Lord has called you to serve as a part of the new ETM Team........ What?? 

Well, another week has come and gone folks, here I am yet again with another surprise for you all!! This week we had TRANSFERS! We were pretty sure that Elder González would be going to another area or something like that, but it looks like the Lord has other and better plans in mind for us!

The Assistants called us the other day and they told us that Elder González is going to be staying in Alejandro-Korn, and I would be a part of something new here in the mission, it's called the ETM-Team. Which stands for Expertos en el Trabajo Misional Team, (which means in English, Experts in Missionary Work)! "Wow!" I thought... "What's that mean?" Haha! Well, they told us that what used to be the "asistente viajeros" (traveling assistants) in the mission are now going to be a group of 4 missionaries that would travel week to week in different areas, the first week 2 missionaries would go to an area and find a ton of people to teach, they will go and find the people the Lord has prepared. Then the second week the other two missionaries are going to go in, teach, prepare and BAPTIZE everyone that is possible! So... I'm going to be a part of that team. I'll be in the second group. So that means that every week I'm going to go to a different area and help out the missionaries so that they baptize as many people as possible! To tell you the truth, I was not expecting anything like this this last week, I was waiting around expecting that I would be staying in Alejandro-Korn until Christmas and everything, but it seems like the Lord has other plans for me! I'm a little nervous for all that we are going to be doing. My companion will be Elder Lima, I shared a pension with him back when I was in Villegas. We are going to go the area and we will do splits with the elders there all week, every day we'll changes companions. We're super excited, I know that Presidente Calquín is trusting in me a lot with this assignment. Now I'm just going to go and give it all I've got! Oh, and Elder Miller, from Brighton High School is part of the team too, but he's part of the first group, but we'll be working together still!

Well, that wasn't the only big excitement of this week, It's been a crazy last week in Alejandro-Korn, we've been planning and preparing all week the Kermese, which is like a carnival type thing. It went SUPER great!! We put soooooooo much time into planning and preparing all of the games and activities, but at the end of everything, it turned out amazing!! About 60 people came, the cultural hall was stuffed!!! I was on the basketball stand the whole time, so I had to pass the ball to the people, mark there ticket and cheer them on as they took there 3 shots! 

This week we passed by Olindo, who was going to be baptized, he's 81 years old and is really awesome, but the woman that is the owner of the house where he lives thinks that we are wizards or something like that. So he said that he can't have anything more to do with the church, that he wants to go, but he doesn't have anywhere else to live. So that was really really sad. 

Anyways, I'll attach a few photos of the families from Alejandro-Korn and the 1 photo I have of the activity of one of the members playing my basketball game!! I love you all! I hope you have a great week! This week I'm going to be in an area that's called Burzaco, with Elder Tolentino! My trainer!! Love you guys!! Chau!

-Elder Slack

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