Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 53: Miracles in the rain!

Hello to all the world! 

It's been another great week! I'm loving still here in Argentina, we've been working super hard Elder González and I, it's been a super great week so I'll jump straight to some of the highlights!

First off, we had a wonderful district activity last week, it was amazing, we did an obstacle course type thing that our district leader Elder Rushton organized, it only had one flaw, in this part where you had to to the wheelbarrow with your companion, there were a bunch of thorns on the ground that no one saw so it was a little painful, but other than that it was super fun!! 

On Wednesday we had an exchange, I went with Elder Price, he's from California, but he lived in American Fork Utah before he came on the mission. It was super great! It rained ALL DAY! Haha! We didn't have any appointments, so we went looking for people to teach, old investigators or people that they had contacted, and we did a bunch of contacts. I was using the classic Mr. Mac coat, when after about an hour in the rain, I realized that it is NOT water proof!! Haha! So we started getting a little wet, but we continued enjoying the day! We contacted a house that sells these little popsicles for 2 pesos, (15 cents) and we bought some and they thought we were crazy or something like that because it was super cold and raining and we were buying popsicles! But we enjoyed them still and we went on our way! At the end of the day we found one of the investigators that they hadn't taught in about a week and we brought a member over to her house and we had a super lesson with her. We put a baptismal date and you could feel the spirit testifying the whole time, and we could see that we had helped her! Blessings of working in the rain, you know it!!

Right now we have 2 potential baptisms for this week!!! WHOO!! The first one is the son of a less active family, he's called Luciano, he's super great, he loves listening and learning, but we'll have to see if his family is going to commit to help him come to the church every week! The ward has a great plan so we're hoping that it'll work! And the other is Olindo!! I don't know if you remember him, but his is the brother of a recent convert family, he is 81 years old and we hadn't been able to find him for about 2 weeks! Then on Thursday we get a call from his family saying that he is there in their house! We ran on over real quick and he was there!! Whoo! He said he was really sick for 2 weeks so he couldn't leave his house much, but now he is ready to be baptized this Sunday!! WHOO!!

And as well, the last quick highlight I think would have to be the "Consejo de Liderazgo" or the Leadership Council, I think it's called! It was amazing, we had a council with president and all of the zone leaders and the sister training leaders and as all of the mission leaders. We talked about the mission and we made a bunch of ideas for a big project that we are going to do as a mission this year for Christmas, it's going to be great!! President did an activity with us about being creative, he taught us about how we form ideas, that really it doesn't work with a blank sheet, you need to have a source of where you can take and make the ideas. It was awesome!! 

Anyways, that's about the week for you all! I hope that you are doing great!!  I'll put a few photos that I took with my companions camera! Love you all!! Chau!

-Elder Slack 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 52:

Hello World!!

Hey! It's Elder Slack once again, here to tell you what's going on in the Argentina world!! I hope you are all ready because this week has been super duper full of everything you can think of!!

First things first, we started Monday off with some good old bike problems, my companion paid for a few repairs and when I showed the bike man my bike for normal maintenance and he told me that it's better to throw my bike in the trash and buy a new one than to repair the things that are out of line. Whoo! Haha! So we talked to the pensioneros real quick and they said that they'd hook me up with a new bike some time soon, don't know when, but sometime!

And well, the rest of the week was pretty much normal running around, teaching repentance to the people of Alejandro-Korn, changing lives, seeing angels, you know, all that good stuff. I'll tell you real quick about the people that we taught this week.

Luciano, the child who's family is less active, he's super awesome, we keep teaching him and we are working with him so he can be baptized, but his family just doesn't come to the church, so we'll be seeing where that goes.  

Olindo, is the brother of one of the recent converts, super prepared and wants to be baptized, but..... He disappeared off the face of the earth this week! NO!! Ahh! We're not quite sure what happened, but we're hoping that his family can find him in his house this week, we're not sure if he got sick or something like that, but he just didn't show up at his family's house, where he normally goes 4 or 5 times a week. Weird right?

And Silvia and Brian! We had 2 lessons with them this week, both of them at the end of the day, they are super awesome, Brian is the son of Silvia, he is 15 years old, and just needs some friends, which he can surely find the the Church! And Silvia is just looking for some peace and happiness in her family, which also she can find in the Gospel! Whoo! We're hoping they can be baptized during November if they keep progressing.

Sharon, the all star child, she is 11, she's going to be baptized with her brothers the 26th of November with her brother and sister that are going to turn 8, She's praying really really well and they are reading the book of mormon for kids!

Matias and Camila, they are going to get married in January! It's a little ways away, but we're hoping that Camila can feel comfortable and ready to be baptized before then. Matias was less active, Camila is his future wife. They're awesome!! This week I ate the Kidney of a Cow for the first time with them! It wasn't that bad actually!

And well we're working with a few more people too. The biggest miracle of the week, Silvia is her name, why a miracle?? Well She's married!! Whoo!! The majority of the people who live here aren't married,if you didn't know, they are just boyfriend girlfriend and then decide to live together. But she is married whoo!! She was a referral from a member here, the member introduced her to us and we were able to teach her Saturday and we invited to her come to church the next day and she came!!! The member passed by her house in the morning and they came walking together!! Whoo!! It was awesome, she really liked the church and we're hoping to teach her husband and the rest of her family this week too! 

And well then, that's a lot about the investigators, but I guess I am here for them. Not much else happened this week. Oh yeah, on Thursday in a family home evening of the ward someone to remain unnamed who may or may not be one of the other missionaries in the ward here, "accidentally" knocked my camera on the floor and now it doesn't really work... sad face. But that's alright, I'll look around to see if I can find a used camera or a missionary that wants to give me theirs. I've got some other pictures from the rest of the week before that though. It's been a great week! Elder Gonz├ílez and I, we're getting ourselves all ready for another great transfer here in the zone, super stoked, it's going to be great. Elder Cordeiro my old companion, and Elder Hall my companion from the MTC are both District Leaders here in the zone! Whoo! Anyways, until next week I hope I can write you guys! Much love, Chau!!

-Elder Slack

P.S. Some photos from the ward activity of halloween (my companion as "santa" and I as I don't know) And some other photos from the week.