Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 51: Crepes and fun!

Hellooooo!! World!!

This week has been incredible, sorry I couldn't write last week, we had to run to our zone activity and their wasn't much time, but I'll update you all real quick on the week!

So! Investigators, well, we are teaching right now, not a ton like I'd like to be doing, but we've got a few investigators. First we are working with Alexis, he's the son of a family of members, he's really awesome, he loves to come to church and he knows it's really important to come to church and everything, but he's having a hard time because he can't stop smoking, so we're helping him out with that. 

We're also teaching a family, their names are Hector and Cynthia, they are awesome, they have 2 daughters and have been together fro 10 years! But like the mayority here in Argentina, they aren't married. But they are so awesome, they read all of the pamphlets that we leave with them and when we get back they essentially teach us the lesson! haha!

As well, we are working with a little girl and her family, her name is sharon and she is 10 years old, she is a little shy and her family was less active, but now they come to church and she is going to be baptized with her siblings in november or december, because her brother and sister are 7. But they are super fun to teach, it's always fun teaching little kids.

And we are teaching another little kid, his name is Luciano, his family is still a little less active, but we are working with them so that they can come back.

And we are also teaching another family, their names are Camila and Matias, they aren't married either, but Matias is a member already, but he was less active for awhile, but now they have a marriage date and everything! But it's in January, but that's alright! they are both awesome!

And those are the mayority of the people we are teaching right now, we are still looking to teach a lot more people and I'm sure we'll find some more this week!!

On Monday we had our zone activity, we played this Football game with questions from Preach my Gospel, where they had to answer to advance! Whoo! that was super fun too!! 

Also another fun thing we did this week, the ward had a talent show activity!! The missionaries couldn't participate, but it was awesome to see some crazy dancing and as well, some did some classic dancing from argentina, and a young man even sang in English! Wow! It was super incredible! (and he sang really well!)

This week I've been learning a lot about the importance of being kind, Elder Gonzalez and I, we are great together, but we've had a few little problems here and there. (What can you expect being together 24/7 haha!) But I've found it is really important to look and find the good in others, and then tell them! So that's one of the things that I'm trying to do right now. 

As well, I'm trying to always remember to pray, to pray in every moment, it's so important to have the help of God, in lessons in the street, in every  moment, so I am trying to remember to always always pray!

Whoo! Thanks for all of your support! I love you all! I'm at a year this Friday! WHOO!!  Love you all!
-Elder Slack

P.S. Photos from the week! I learned to make crepes a while ago and I love to make them always, and one of them looks like a buffalo. 

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