Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 44: Say it like it is!

Hello world!! I'm here again! Elder Slack!!! It's been another week already and now is the time to write all of you!!

This week has flown by, it's been jam packed, as ever week is, but I've just got a few things to tell you to sum it all up for you guys!

First things first! This week we had the cumpleaño of Hermana Cortez! (that's birthday for those who don't speak Castellano) WHOO!! Hermana Cortez is a sister here in our ward, she is super amazing, she washes our clothes and always helps us if we need help with anything, and she is super excited all the time and is helping and motivating the ward to keep growing here! And she is super funny and has tons of great stories! But... Anyways, that was this last Tuesday! So, what did we do?? Well we cooked her up a peach cobbler! I don't really know how turned out, we prepared it Monday, and then just cooked it Tuesday but we didn't really finish cooking it before we could bring it over. But we did it! And now all this week the Hermana Cortez has been eating it. But that was super fun, and then that night we went on over to her house really quick to have a little birthday celebration!! Whoo! I'll put a few photos.

All this week, just so you are all informed, it was a ton of Rain rain rain, and then lots of mud, and then more rain, then sun for one day, then rain again and again, then more mud! So, it was................... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO!! Haha! It was a pretty great experience! To get to our area, we had to cross from where we live, through a little forest type thing, and right in the middle, when it rains, it makes a mini river. Haha! So we got a little wet this week, but it was awesome!!

And, what I think the highlight of the week was, INTERVIEWS! This week we had interviews with Presidente Calquín! He is so amazing! He taught everyone of us essentially the same thing, it was really different than how Presidente Thurgood did the interviews, but I loved it all the same! He taught us how to open our mouths, how to contact people effectively. Essentially what he taught us is that we need to be Simple and Direct in the things that we say. We are searching for the prepared people, not anyone that wants to hear a quick bible story and that's all, no! We are looking for the people that God has prepared to receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!! And, after the interviews, that's what we have done! When we talk with someone, we tell them how it is! We are representatives of Jesus Christ! And God and Jesus Christ sent us here to talk with you right now! To share with you the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to tell you that there are tons of blessings that God has prepared for you, just waiting for you to grab them! And I know that if you follow the teachings of Jesus Christ that you are going to be Happy! Your life will be filled with Joy, you will know and have a sense of security that you are doing exactly what God wants you to do. Can we pass by your house tomorrow at 4? We say something like that (but in Castellano, obviously) And if the person is prepared by God, they'll say SÍ! All we have to do is remind them of the things and the plan that they already accepted in the premortal life.

Anyways, yesterday talking to people directly, we were able to find 5 new investigators, so I think it's working! Anyways, that's about it for this week, I'll put a few quick photos below, I hope you guys liked my video last week! I love you all!! I hope you know that!! And I hope you can all be as happy someday as I am right now!!!

-Elder Slack

We've got here, all of our shoes and boots trying to dry so that we can use them the next day, after we got drenched walking through the little river! 
And we bought lots of bananas!
And all the mud
And Elder Marty cleaning off his shoes in the sink!
Elder Phillips, Elder Villegas (yes, like that name of our ward and area), Elder Slack (that's me), and Elder Marty

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