Friday, July 29, 2016

Week 43: We Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts

​Hey everyone!! It's a me! Elder Slack!!

This week has been amazing, as almost all of the weeks in the mission, and I've got a lot to tell you guys, so hold on to your seats!!

Well, I think we'll start simply, on Monday we were pretty relaxed, we just hung out a little bit, and bought our food and then while my companion took a nap I was able to make my breakfast for the week! We bought a ton of these tortilla type things that they use to make empanadas here, and we bought some cheese, and I made about 57 quesadillas! WHOO!! And yeah, so I've been enjoying those throughout this entire week!!

Secondly we've been teaching a ton this week!! We cranked out 15 lessons this week, and we're looking at this upcoming week and I'm sure that we're going to be teaching even more!!! We've got a ton of investigators right now, and so many of them are progressing so well, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to learn to teach and to be able to teach better with the spirit every time that we teach! 

As well, here in Villegas the members have been working "A full!" (a fool) as they say here. It means that they have been working a ton! They have been accompanying us to our lessons with our investigators, and they are visiting a ton of people who don't come to church, as well we've been inviting the members during lunch everyday and teaching them how to be missionaries! I feel like it's working out so far, but now we've got to verify how they're going with that this week, but I'm sure it's going to be great! As well, this week we were able to go to the ward council, that was pretty awesome, we talked about the investigators we are teaching and the help that they need from the ward, and then we had to bop on out because we had another lesson to teach, but Wow, from what we are seeing this ward here is going to be progressing a ton!!

And the most exciting part of the week! SUNDAY!!!! Well, after teaching everyone all week and they all commited to come to church, we went to the house of one of them in the morning so that he could come to church with us, but I guess he was sleeping or something, because no one answered. But then, we get back to the church and who's there? Rufino! And Fidel! WHOO!! There they are sitting in the priesthood class!! Then, at the end of the first our, who shows up?? Juana and Gustavo!!! WHOOO!!! And we had a super full class in Gospel principles! Then we go to head over to sacrament meeting and who do we have? There comes walking down the hall from the youth class Melani (the daughter of Gustavo and Juana) and Pamela!!! Whoo! And just to top it all off, we find out that Fidel's daughter who we've been teaching and is 8 years old had come with him too!!!! WHOOOOSLDFJIEDILSKDJWEOIJLSDJFO!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JWJJW!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayay!!! It was so awesome!!! Almost everyone of our investigators were able to come to church yesterday!!! Wow!! It was so incredible! What an amazing feeling, and not even that, but all of them came on their own or a member passed by their house to pick them up! It was such a great feeling, and I realized even more that God prepares the people, I just here to run around and look for them! 

And to top it all off... Last night, we went to teach Juana and Gustavo, and we taught them about the Law of Chastity, and they were super cool about it and really agreed with it! It was super great!! They've still got some changes to make, but it's going to be great!! I've learned so much with them, especially teaching about the commandments of God. I've realized the importance this week of the commitments that we invite the people to make, what we really do here is teach repentance and then baptize converts! That's what we do!

Anyway's, that's been our crazy week! I love you all! Let me know how you're doing! Luckily this week I can write with all 27 letters! (27 because spanish has the ñ too!) haha! Love you! Chau!
-Elder Slack

PS. The Photos are attacthed in a google doc link, I made a video too, I don't remember how much spanish I spoke or if I spoke any english, but if you don't understand, ask your local argentine!

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Displaying 120_7124.JPG

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