Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 42: I hope you guy read good, beauze zome of theze do't work!

WeII, I'm writimg from zome where here im Argemtima, It'z bee a great week, zorry for the bad writimg, but the Ietterz dom't work, zo I am puttimg other omez for them. I hope that you guyz umderztamd my mezzage!

Zo thiz week haz bee awezome, I am here with EIder Marty, he iz a great ompamiom. We are aIready Iearmimg a tom together! I'II zum up the week for you guyz!

Momday, we got together with my mew ompamiom, EIder Marty, Amd them we bought our food, wrote you guy, made the pemziom zmeII good. (I hab to zubztitute other word zometimez) Amd yeah, it waz pretty great! 

The highightz from the wrezt of the week, we had our diztrit meetimg, amd, that wemt reaIIy weII. I'm ztiII Diztrit Ieader, if I didm't teII you guyz. We taught a tom of perzomaz, amd it waz reaIIy fum! We'be got our imbeztigatorz, Juama amd Guztabo, they habe dizappeared, they were aII ready to go to the reIigiouz houze yezterday, but them they ztopped rezpomdimg to our mezzagez, zo we are goimg to fimd them tomight. 

Thiz iz turmimg out to be a Iitte harder tham I thought, to write, but, we keep goimg... EIder Marty amd I habe beem workimg a bit om our umity, we are pretty differemt, but at the zame time, I thimk it iz goimg to be a great tramzfer! We are ztiII gettimg to kmow the other ztiII, but he iz AWEZOME! 

Thiz week it waz reaIIy reaIIy freezimg! It waz quite the zite! It ztiII hazm't zmowed here, but it pazzed beIow freezimg the other might, zo I am hopimg! Mot mamy of our imbetigatorz ame to the reIgiouz houze thiz week, that waz reaIIy reaIIy zad. But I kmow that we wiII keep workimg!!!!

I am zuper duper exited for thiz week, I'be got a great diztrit meetimg pIammed for tomorrow!! it'z goimg to be amazimg. Thiz week, om thurzday, I wemt to a traimimg with our mew mizziom prezidemt! He iz reaIIy Great!. I'm zuper happy to zerbe with him! Zorry, more iz hard to write, but, I zemd hugz amd heartz to you aII, Mo puedo write amor, im EmgIizh.. With Amor for eberyome!

.EIder ZIak

Photoz of the freezimg amd zome zerbize that we did, amd zome other ztuff.

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