Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 36: Fun in the Mud

Hey hey! How's everyone going! 

It's been another great week in the missionary life of Elder Slack. On a scale of 1-10 I'd have to say it was an 8 of a week. So that's pretty good right! I'll try and sum up some of the most exciting things that happened this week, but overall we'll see how this turns out

Tuesday: We were heading out to teach some amazing people and it was around 6 o'clock, just starting to get dark, we were all geared up in our cold weather clothes. And we just barely get into our area when we look over and see a car stuck in the middle of the mud. We headed on over to help them out. We tried in many different ways to push pull or put rocks underneath to give it some grip, but nothing really seemed to help. Before we finally got it unstuck there had to come... about 9 teenagers passing by to try and push, a little car that couldn't do much and then finally something that is called the Gendarmeria. It's sort of like the police, but like 1step above it's essentially the people's army that they help out with lots of stuff and they had to come in with their huge truck and everything. Pretty sweet, but when all was done, we were a little lot messy, we had to run to the church to teach English classes.

As well, we've been working with our new investigator Pamela, she's this golden investigator who is 12 years old. She knows a ton of things. Came to church yesterday, but when she asked permission from her Dad, he put a few rules. One of which is that she can't get baptized yet. So, we'll be talking with him sometime this week if we can find him. Haha! But all in the time of the lord!

As well, with my new assignment to be District leader, I had to go this week on Thursday to a meeting with all of the district leaders and the president of our mission. It was way good, we were able to talk and I know a little bit better about how I can be a better missionary and leader now as well.I'm super excited to learn lots of new things and help out all of our District. 

Speaking of our District, my companion and I had an opportunity the other day to help out some Elders in our district. They called us up as we were in the middle of our Language study this last Saturday night and they tell us that they ate some bad chicken and one of them has been throwing up all day. They asked us to pick up some peaches because that is recommended to help, or at least the juice in the can, when you are a little sick. After completing that little mission we felt pretty good being able to help other people is always good!!

As well we had stake conference here in our ward this last week! It was amazing! We had this seventy come who was from Chile, and as well all of the people who talked were able to teach some amazing things, and on top of all of that, we had 3 investigators there with us as they were talking. They talked a ton about the importance of the family and shared some great experiences! It was such an amazing conference! As they were talking about the families I thought about my family and as well I realized that all of the people here are our family, Me and my companion have to take care of all of the investigators and help them to grow and become better people! 

It's the best to be a missionary!! I love you all!! Thanks!!


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