Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 35: Keep bringing on the Brasil!

HELLOS to everyone!!

Elder Slack here once again, and as you may know, this past week was the transfers!! And guess what! Elder Cordeiro and I we'll be keeping house here in Villegas A! Let's go!! I'm now going 6 months, it'll be with this transfer, that I have a companion Brazileiro! I'm hoping to learn to converse this transfer in Portuguese, I've got down the basics, I'll be helping my companion a lot with English and he'll keep teaching me portuguese, It's really really close to EspaƱol so should be fun!!

I don't have a ton of time right now, but we've been working really hard here in Villegas! I'm really loving the area and my companion, we're growing a lot together and becoming better servants of the Lord!!

A few highlights of the week, we were able to do a few service projects this past week, we helped the bishop clean up after he's been doing a lot of construction on his house and we helped clean out the church. We're working a lot right now to contact all of the referrals from the capilla abierta, we've got so many people and so many names to find, SOOOOOO much work to do here there is literally no time for almost anything! It's so great!!

Yesterday was a day a little difficult for the people to come to the church, it rained a ton and where the people live in our ward it's all dirt roads so that all just turned into mud, and there is hardly anyone with cars in our ward. So, there weren´t a ton of people, but we had a great class that the bishop gave where he said one of my favorite quotes I think "The gospel doesn't work for convenience, but by obedience!" Which is so true!! God blesses us when we are obedient, it doesn't matter if it is convenient for us or not, if we put the Lord first in all things all will be well!!

Miracle of the week: We were contacting the referencias from the capilla abierta and we went to contact this one girl that is 12 years old, we searched and searched and searched and we just could not find her house!! We were just about to give up when this woman walking by heard us saying here name and said "Pamela, oh she lives right here!" and walked into a house that was 2 houses away! We talked with the girl and she told us that she had recently moved from Paraguay and that she had been investigating the church and everything, but moved just before she could be baptized. She told us she knows the church is true, is super excited to got to the church again, always saw us passing by but was always to afraid to come and talk to us! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! The Lord truly prepares the people.

That's pretty much it, lot's of great things happening here in Villegas!! Here's a few photos of us in our area that we have to take discretely because we don't want anyone to rob our cameras. All is well!!

-Elder Slack
Lots of mud!

Elder Cordeiro and more mud!


Happy missionaries...even in the mud and rain

Oh, and I forgot to say, I got a new assignment!! I will be serving as District Leader during this following transfer!! I am so excited to have this responsibility and help the people in our District grow their testimonies as they help me grow mine so that we can help even more people everyday!!

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