Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 34: Capilla Abierta Round 2!

WHOO! Hey hey to everyone! We've been having a great time here this last week! It's been full of lots and lots of planning. This last Saturday we had what's called a capilla abierta, or for those of you who don't speak castellano, an Open Church. It's essentially like a big open house for the church. Haha! It was super great. We had one in my last ward and now we've had one here in Villegas, but this time it was even bigger. Here are all the people!

So, as you can see, lots of people. Haha! It was super great, we had to prepare the whole entire week getting all of the plans and materials ready, then Saturday came and it was amazing!! We have 2 wards here in our church that share the same building. And we are super close here to the temple and the MTC of Argentina. So we had all of the missionaries of our zone come, and as well all of the Latino missionaries from the MTC here and they all came to help us out. It was a super missionary activity. Pretty legit if I do say so myself, which I do. But anyways at the end of the day we received somewhere near 175 referrals of people that we can visit during this upcoming week that either went to the church itself or we contacted on the road! 

As well other exciting events of the week, we were walking down the road the other day and we stopped to see if one of our investigators was home. We knocked on the door and there wasn't anyone, so my companion started writing a note to leave her and I looked around, this man was looking at us a little strange and kind of funny, so what do I do? Obviously I need to talk to him. I walk up to him and introduce myself and.... He starts talking in English to me! What in the world? I could hardly understand him with his thick paraguayo and Argentino accent, but he got the message through, we talked for a little bit and he told us that he is from paraguay, lives now in Argentina, but lived in Burmingham England (cough, mission of my sister Lara cough) for 11 years, and he also commented that he's got a girlfriend from Russia. He turned out to be very interested and now we're going to meet up with him this coming week! We'll see how it goes!

Miracle of the week (or something close to that): This last Wednesday we were looking for a few people and on the way we approached this young man sitting on the ground in front of his house, BAM we start talking with him, and he says "Whoa whoa, I don't sell drugs and you're not going to get any information out of me!" Well, we tell him we're just missionaries and all and we talk a bit more, he is super chill and has some interesting thoughts about life and everything. We ask him what makes him happy, he tells about his love for music and that he actually loves to rap. "Can you rap for us right now" we asked, and he told us "If you can beatbox" well, what do 2 young missionaries do? We look at the other and then I look back at him and we start beatboxing! And he started rapping in spanish! It was the coolest ever! I've never heard anyone rap in spanish!! Haha! We talked some more, at the end of things he said his mom needs more help than he does, so we're going to return to talk with her another day! But it was legit!

Other than that this week has been full of lots and lots of contacting, our zone put the goal that everyone companionship can do 100 contacts during this week, my companion and I, we only need 20 more before tomorrow morning so we're going pretty strong!

It's been great here! The next week is transfers so we'll see what happens! Love you all!! Chau chau!

-Elder Slack

That's me and the fog yesterday morning
me and a dog because there are lots of dogs here!

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