Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 33: Living the super market dream

Hey hey!! Hola from down here!!

It's been another incredible week here in Argentina, full of learning and fun experiences! I hope all is well where you are all!! 

This week in the life of Elder Slack: Last Pday we went out on an adventure, there's this huge market here that's called Super Mercado Central, it is less like a market and more like a small city. We went there and didn't even explore 10% of it I don't think. It was just about 20 minutes away in bus, so that wasn't to bad, we went in and we realized that we were a little bit over our heads, I was thinking it would be about the size of a Costco or something like that, but really I actually have no clue what the actual size is. It's pretty crazy. There are so many people and cars and everything. We just went to the first big building we could find that looked like it sells stuff it's called Diarco, it's essentially the Costco Argentino, it was pretty cool, we bought a huge bag of cereal and then we found this place that sells eggs pretty cheap so we bought about 60 and yeah, that's what it's all about right! It was pretty legit if I do say so myself, we're going to try and find this museum they've got there next transfer if I'm still here. 

Miracle of the week: This week was amazing, the president and everyone have really been on us to contact the references that we receive within 24 hours. Well, this week, we were walking down the street when we received a text message on our cell phone. It was a referencia. Before the end of the day we passed by, we didn't find the person we were looking for, but they told us we could return on the weekend. So Saturday comes, we pass by and BAM! She's home, we invite all of her family to participate in the lesson BAM! 4 New investigators! Whooo!! We were so happy to be able to follow the Lord's plan and rules and really find the people who need the Gospel in their lives! It was such a huge miracle for me to see how the Lord blesses us for being obedient.

Fun fact from the life of Elder Slack: I had a mini victory over the cold the other day. The pensioneros, who manage our living conditions and everything, brought us a new heater the other day, it looked all shiny and new, but they left, we hooked it up and all it did was... well almost nothing. haha! But we were able to open it up and fix the problem, now we're living it up with our happy electric heater!!

This week we've got the wards capilla abierta!! we're super excited to be able to help out and work with the members, and the whole entire MTC of missionaries from down the road will be coming to invite all of the people to know more about the church and the gospel!! I'll let you know more next week!

Thanks for everything! I'm super happy to serve the Lord everyday! Chau from Argentina!

-Elder Slack

P.S. no photos this week, the computer doesn't work with USB. Love you all! Chausito!

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