Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week 32: Living the fall dream!

Hello to all of the wonderful people who read this! It's me again!!

This week has been incredible! I'm learning so much and I love having the opportunity to serve everyday the people here in argentina!! 

Miracle of the week: This week has been full of a lot of small miracles really, so I'll just put my favorite one. This past week we have had the opportunity to skype with our families here! It was so amazing and I loved every moment of it. But one thing that I learned was when my companion was doing his skype with his family. I was thinking and hearing a little bit, and the thought came to my mind about love. That really love is another gift from God. To have families to have friends to know people and enjoy being with them, we can really all enjoy it more as we learn to love everyone. And now that's something that I'm trying to develop more everyday, love for my companion, love for the members, love for the investigators, and for everyone. Really if you can just love everyone we will be so happy!! 

As well something really important that I've been able to learn this week is using the tools that the Lord has given us. I've been able to learn a lot about using my daily planner and the area book here, It's really so much easier when we use the tools that the Lord shares with us and gives to us. He gives them to us because He knows the best way, and He knows what we need! I would like to exhort all of you to use the tools that God gives us in our lives. Read the scriptures, Pray, go to church, listen to the prophets and hear the commandments of God!! And really you will all be blessed!!

Happy others day as well to my wonderful mom! and to my grandmas and to all of the moms in the world! You really change the world so much and help us everyday!! 

Stockton's fun Argentina fact of the week: The food here is the best, the meat the empanadas everything. Eat it and love it. Yes I have gained weight.

 I love you all, and until next week!!
Elder Slack

some ducks in our area!
Us as we are coming back from doing visa paper work

 here's our cold weather clothes

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