Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 31: The week of everything!

Hello! Still here in Argentina!

I've been having a great time in my new area with my new companion Elder Cordeiro, he's a stud! We've been working really hard and we're really dedicated to the work, so we're hoping to see success by the end of this transfer. 

This week has been full of so many different things. Really though. so full. It's been so exciting to serve here in villegas. The members here are amazing, so loving and caring for the missionaries, It's such a blessing to have a ward where everyone wants to preach the gospel!

Well, what did we do this week, well, first off. THE MIRACLE OF THE WEEK: Yesterday, well, for the whole week me and my companion we were really really focused on our goal to find new investigators, we put the goal to find 15 new investigators during the whole week, it was a really good week, all was going well, but when yesterday came, we had only found 5 new investigators for the week. So, what do we do?? We decided, we have to find 10 investigators, we just have to! It was incredible, we were able to work the whole day, we had like 10 extra minutes before lunch, so we're like "Let's go!" And we bopped around really quick and we stumbled upon this family that were all sitting outside their house cooking up their asado for the sunday, and BAM! We slid right in their and taught them, BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM 6 new investigators in 1 lesson!! That's what I'm talking about! Then later that day, we're bopping around some more looking for some gold references we received from one of our other investigators and we pass by this group of guys playing futbol on the street. BAM! We slide right on over and talk them up a bit, BAM BAM! 2 more new investigators!! We're on a good run! We now have surpassed the amount we had the week before. And then, we pass on by the house of a member to use the bathroom real quick, they give us some diamond references of their neighbors who heard the missionaries before. Then as we are leaving, the hermana comments that this kid who is posted up on a car about 20 feet away needs a little help as well. Well, one can't simply resist that no? We slide right on over, we teach him standing in the sidewalk, BAM! We only need 1 more investigator!!! We're soooooo close, and we still have 2 and a half hours!! We go on a hunt, looking high and low! There has to be someone else who is in need of missionaries at this hour! We searched without success for 2 hours, we've got 30 minutes left! We're looking and looking! And then.... Who comes to mind?? None other than willey! Who's willey you might ask? Well, we had talked with him the other day, he's an old investigator, his wife is member but less-active. Well, we pass by his house... and.... BAM, actually he's super drunk, we enter in his house and teach something, but we didn't count it as a new investigator because, I don't think this morning he remembers any of the things that we taught him. Haha! But yeah. That's the miracle of the week! As we search in faith we can find!

As well, just a quick fun fact, here in my area of Villegas A, there are a ton of paraguayos, or people from paraguay, they are super great, and make some delicious food. I tried this soy coffee this week, from a member.  It's not coffee, it's just called that, it doesn't have caffeine or anything, super duper delicious. 

Anyways. I hope you are all great! I love you guys!!

-Elder Slack

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