Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 25: All for one and All for some

Hey!! This Wednesday I've been out for 6 months!! WOW! I can hardly believe it! The time is flying sooooo fast!! It's been so great here on the mission I love every moment!

This past week Elder Ribeiro and I, we've been back up and running to full speed! My toe is all good now, they took out the stitches and everything. Now I just have to make sure that I cut my toe nails really well for the rest of my mission so that I don't have to lose any more time resting! 

This past week has been a week full of everything and nothing at the same time. Every single day Elder Ribeiro and I, we head out of our pension all determined to work and find the people, teach them and change the life of every single person we talk with! So we did the same this week! We left, we talked with a ton of people, but almost everyday we had some sort of activity,  whether it was a district meeting, capilla abierta, we had to go to the hospital, we had our weekly planning, our ward mission correlacion, lots of things going on this week. With the time that we had we were out on the streets looking to bring people to God, teach repentance, baptize converts, all the good stuff. We worked sooo much this week, we were working working working, we passed by the house of all of our investigators almost everyday, we taught as many lessons as we could find, and then came yesterday. The last day of the week, we sit down to plan for today, we look at the week and how everything went, we count up the numbers from all of our key indicators/goals and!!!..... Wow, for all the work we have been doing the week looked almost like we sat around in our pench all day and only went working one day during the week. Hahaha! But I guess that's how it goes sometimes. We're still really determined and really working hard, we've got our goals all fixed and ready and we're trying to figure out some sort of new game plan, we're seeking out and getting rid of any disobedience, we're all ready to start off another week! 

It's been really good here in González Catán, the weather has been cooling down a lot, and now we are preparing for the winters, the food is still great the members are still great! I love being a missionary!!

This week as well!!!! Camila was baptized!! YAY!!!!! It was so great! She's been able to figure a few things out recently and has been able to come to church all on her own now, and she had her baptism yesterday!! My companion baptized her and it was really such a great moment to see her so happy and shining all day! It was a great feeling, and now she needs to come the next week on Sunday to be confirmed a member of La Iglesia de Jesuscristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Días!! Now we are going to try and work with her children as well, they are a little bit hard to work with, they have a lot of energy and are a little bit wild, but we're here to help them too! 

It's all great here in el Gran Catán! The time truly does fly and I'm trying to take advantage of the short time I have here to help the most people that I can! I hope you all know I love you! As well you should all watcht the church video about Easter! It's great!

-Elder Slack

P.S. A photo from the baptism.

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