Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 23: Teach repentance!

Hello! It's transfer day today! And Elder Ribeiro and I will be staying together strong for another 6 weeks here in González Catán! It's such a great opportunity to be out here and serve 100% of the time! 

We've been working hard this week, we're trying with all of our efforts to be able to show the people the pathway to Christ and help them to begin their journey along that path. We've been having a few difficulties with our investigators, but we're learning along with them and we keep praying that they will have the faith to act and progress.

Remember Camila? We've been working with her a lot, she is really a great person and everything, but her situation is a little difficult. She is a little special, and we have to be really focused on our teaching of how to help her progress. Now we can really see that she has the desire to progress, but still has a few trials in her life to be able to progress along the path. It's really hard to see when someone has the desires to follow  Christ but some of their trials make it extremely difficult to do so, but I believe that it makes the prize even more worth it, when we have to work hard and push to be able to receive the blessings of God, we appreciate them even more. 

These past weeks we have been working a lot with a young man, named Alfredo, he's a great guy, he understands a little bit, but we're trying to work with him so that he can have the desires to come to church every week, it's really hard when he struggles so much with his family, but we are really trying to help all of those who will listen and show him that the blessings of God are so much more rewarding than the things of the world. 

As well, yesterday we went to church in the morning and we were there and then this young man showed up, we started talking with him. He tells us he's not a member of any church, that he has never been to an LDS church before, but that he found the church on the Internet and found it interesting and so he just came on his own! It was so cool to see how sometimes God just brings his children back to where they can feel his love, it really taught me how much God has a plan for everyone, and that really as missionaries we just have to do our part in faith and everything follows God's plans and timing. 

As well this week, we went out to do visits with the first counselor of our ward bishopric, we went with him to visit a family who are less active and part of the family aren't members, it was so great to be able to see as he testified to them how much repentance can help them in their lives. Truly when we have the knowledge of the gospel and the commandments and as we try our best to follow Christ, we will be protected and receive help in our trials. But as well the opposite, when we have that knowledge and we choose not to follow Christ we do not have the same promise, we cannot be protected and the only way that we can once again feel the happiness of the gospel is through repentance and Jesus Christ. Truly he taught me that repentance is so necessary if we want to receive the blessings God has in store for us. 

And yeah, it's been a great week! I hope you are all well! I appreciate all of your emails and it is so good to be here!

Love you all! Chau

-Elder Slack

(Picture courtesy of 
Maria De Los Angeles Fernandez Bevans)

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