Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 22: Hello World!

Hello to everyone! 

Sorry I haven't been 100% consistent with the letters, but hopefully I can get back on track.

It's been so good here in Argentina, a lot of heat during these past 2 weeks, but it's finally starting to cool down and we can get some good sleep in. There are the hints of fall coming on and the work continues.

This week we've been working a ton, as well we got to have 2 special things. First, I got to return to the hospital, yay!! We went back and we put a date for a micro surgery I have to have on my foot because I've got an ingrown toe-nail (I don't remember if I told you that or not). So that was great, I'll be returning the following week on Monday the 7th, so we'll have to see If we email Monday or Tuesday. The second, Elder Bednar came this week! It was sooo amazing! Elder Bednar a living apostle came and visited here in Buenos Aires. Our mission had the opportunity to go and see him live as he helped us learn so much about teaching by the Spirit and how it is that we can help our investigators learn. It was so incredible to be able to go and see him as we spoke with him. There were about 800 missionaries in the chapel with him, and as well there were around 6000 missionaries from all of the area south america south, which includes Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay! It was amazing to hear him as he taught us and feel the Spirit as we all learned together, there's been a lot of things that I learned that I still need to apply and change, it was so amazing though!

This week we've been working a lot with the investigators that we have, right now we have more or less 8 or 9 investigators. And we worked so hard all of the week so that they could all be ready set to go to the church this past Sunday, we went and...... Not one came. We went to look for a few in their houses, but there wasn't anyone at home. We've been thinking a lot about what it is that we need to change so that they can have the desire to come to the church and become closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. As we were thinking last night in our pension we were clueless. So we decided to go ask our Zone Leaders who are these 2 great missionaries and they work in the same ward with us and live next to us. So we began to talk with them and they gave us some great advice and we did a few practices and we are all ready now to start off another week strong and really strengthen the faith of our investigators that we have here in González Catán!

I've been learning so much here with Elder Ribeiro, my companion from Brasil, he's a "Capo" as they say here, which means essentially a "Stud". We'll just say he's a really really awesome missionary! He came so prepared here for his mission with so much energy and excitement to come and work hard! It's been such a great opportunity to be able work with him. We've got our differences and we disagree sometimes, but we are learning so much together and we are changing and becoming better and better people everyday!

Other than that, the weeks been pretty normal, lots of changing peoples lives, lots of happiness, lots of joy, and of course we can't forget that the food is sooooooo amazing here! The mission life is amazing, being able to dedicate all of my time to something that I learn to love even more everyday is such a great opportunity! I hope you are all great! 

That's all for now!

-Elder Slack

P.S. I robbed my companions camera and took 2 pictures, they aren't amazing pictures, but good enough! There's one of my companion and a selfie of him and I.
 Elder Ribeiro 
 Elder Ribeiro and me!

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