Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week 18: Portugués?

Hey hey everyone from down in South America! 

This week has been amazing! I'll start with the most exciting news! So, I went Tuesday, to go and find out who is going to be my new companion..... And...... It's Elder Ribeiro, from Brasil!! He is a stud! He is learning to speak spanish as well, because in Brasil they only speak portugués, but he is learning really really fast, he knows a ton more than I did when I first got here because portugués is really similar to castellano. He is really great, really excited to be here and he's not afraid to talk to anyone, he just goes and does it even if they don't understand him with his super thick brasilero accent! He's a super awesome companion really ready to go and get to work and I think we are going to be able to do miracles in the area we are in right now! (As an added bonus, he worked in several different restaurants in Brasil before he came out here for the mission, so he knows how to cook really great food!!)

So yeah, we came back from Aldo Bonzi (Where the mission home is) and we went right to work. This week was a little bit harder than at the start, I've learned that there were more than several things that I have to do now that my trainer was doing before. But after a few days I've seemed to have gotten things figured out pretty well. Now we just need to be a little bit more efficient about doing everything. But it's really great! I've learned a lot about prayer and faith and about how the Lord will always help you to be able to do the work that he calls you to do during this past week. 

I've just kind of realized that other than that this past week has been pretty normal. I've learned even more the importance of having a good plan. And as well about how we need to be very direct with the people we try and contact. Before I would come up to them and say something like "Hi, we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and we have a message that we'd like to share with you if we could maybe come into your home and teach you something" And now I've learned that people are a lot more responsive if we just really say why we are here, what it is that we want and teach something that we believe. It's really great! I'm learning so much from Elder Ribeiro, he's a great companion. 

As well, this past Sunday, we were able to bring one of our investigators to church he is a very different case. His name is Demetrio and he had a problem, I can't remember what it's called, but he had something happen about 2ish months ago, and now one side of his body is really really weak. He can't walk and can't really take care of himself. When we first found him we were able to give him a priesthood blessing (If you don't know what that is, ask your local mormon friend, then say you want the missionaries to pass by your house to teach you more) And yeah, so we gave him a blessing, and he has been progressing a ton, when we first met him, he couldn't even move almost nothing without help. Now he can move his arm and his leg really well, and this week he is going to start some physical therapy so that he can regain his strength. So yesterday morning we went with one fo the few members of our ward who has a car, and we went and drove to bring him down to the church, it was really great to have him there and he really liked it, and said when he gets better he wants to come more regularly! 

This week, as well, on Thursday night, we had an activity with the ward that we are in, where they paid for a big bus, and we were able to go with Camila, our investigator, and a bunch of members to the temple, where we were able to have a lesson outside in the gardens of the temple and talk about the importance of the temple and the family in God's plan for us! It was so awesome!! (But then she didn't come to church Sunday so... Man tear)

And yeah, it was a normal crazy week in the life down here in Argentina. It was really really great though! I love every moment! I hope all of you are enjoying your lives! Know that I love you All! Chau!

-Elder Slack
So grateful to the Sister who shared this through FB!

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