Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 17: Trainings up

Oh how the time flies here in Argentina, yesterday officially ends my training (the first 12 weeks of my mission) And things are just moving on! It's a new Transfer here! My 3rd transfer in the mission!! And we waited on Saturday for our call from the president, waited and waited, and it came!! AND............................ Elder Tolentino, he's out of here, leaving the ward of Catán 3, but he's going to be staying here in our zone, in the zone of González Catán, he's going off to Laferrere to be district leader and to train another new missionary. And me? I'll be staying here in Catán 3, and I'll be training a new missionary! Crazy right? But if the Lord thinks that I'm ready, then I'm ready!

Castellano (Español, Spanish) is going really well. I have been truly blessed with the gift of tongues, I've still got an accent of an american, but I've been so blessed to be able to say that speaking the language hasn't been a problem. So now we'll just have to wait and see who it is that I'm going to train. I go to find out who it is tomorrow in Banfield, which is is where the mission offices and everything is, could be another Latino or a "Yankee", as they call us here, or American. I'm really really excited to go find out who my new companion will be!!

As well, this past martes, we were just about to start doing our companionship study in the morning when we get a call. It's the Pensioneros (missionaries in charge of where we live) They tell us to pack our bags, because we'll be moving in 3 hours. So we did, that day we moved again, we actually just swapped pensions with some other missionaries, now we live a little bit closer to our area. We moved into the new pension and the other Elders who lived their before left it horribly dirty, so we've spent several hours during the past week to clean it all and try and get the bad odor out so that when my new companion comes he will feel a little better, and know that we aren't living in filth. 

We've been working trying to find some new investigators. Camila has had some health problems and hasn't been able to attend church, so we are hoping that we can get her to come this next Sunday, I'll be working with my new companion until we can get her all ready and everything for her baptism. I plan on working really hard with my new companion to try and work with the members a lot and find lots of new investigators and really spread the gospel here so much in our ward, we're going to try and do a few new things, so pray for me that I can do a good job training, and that we don't just end up doing nothing. 

I've learned a lot this past week about how I need to act now. When we wait to talk to someone about the gospel, when we wait to invite someone, when we wait to do anything it gives the devil more time to whisper in our ear and say, "no, you can wait and do it next time" So I'm working a lot to just go and do, the things that the Lord has commanded us to do! 

Love for everyone! Chau!

P.S. I stole a photo that Elder Tolentino took, so here is one of us learning how to make empanadas, and let me just say they were delicious!

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