Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Week 15: Every member a missionary!

Hello!! Elder Slack here again, I hope you all missed me, but didn't miss me this week! Just know that I am living here happily in Argentina! I hope the rest of you in the states don't freeze while I'm trying not to get sunburned.

This week was great, full of new adventures, I have found this week that my camera appears to be lost, I haven't seen it since new years, so sorry, but I don't have any new pictures for this week. Luckily I have the majority of the photos I took saved on my memory cards. 

This week at last is back to normal work. No holidays, no nothing. It was great to be able to have a good solid week of work again. We've been doing a lot. Elder Tolentino and I have been trying to think of new ways in which we can strengthen this ward. As I said before there are a ton of less active members. Us as missionaries we don't have permission to visit less active members just to reactivate them. They have to have someone in their house who isn't a member to be able to baptize. So we've been working with the active members of the ward a lot to be able to motivate them to go out and visit the less actives. In our ward we now have 10 ward missionaries!! They are members of the ward who are called to be missionaries for the ward for 2 years and essentially they are a micro missionary. They are more to focus on the members and help them, and as well to help us out as missionaries a little with our investigators. 

Along with the ward missionaries we are also trying to put together some activities during the week, where the members can come and participate so that they can have a little reminder in the middle of the week to come and have a little spiritual thought to be able to have some fun. As well so we can bring investigators so that they can see that we are normal people as well, not just two crazy boys who walk a lot and want to show up at their houses and talk about Christ. 

Our investigator Camila is progressing a ton!! This week she woke up herself and her kids so that they could all walk to the church with us because she doesn't have money to pay for a bus! And she was all ready to go and we went out and then we had another one of our investigators with her kids show up at church! It was the best!!!

As well our ward mission leader, Nico, he gave the best talk on Sunday, he talked about the importance of missionary work, and how missionary work isn't just for the 4 missionaries in the ward, but missionary work is for every single individual member, and that we should all look for opportunities to serve our brothers and sisters to bring them closer to Christ. It was the best!! All of the members were super willing to talk to us after church and everything, and it is awesome.

As well, we were out working yesterday, we had our plans all ready, a few appointments set with some investigators, and they fell through, so we decided to try and find a few old investigators, and none of them were home. So what do we do now?? We tried searching for about an hour or so, with once again no luck. At this point we were a little discouraged and not quite sure if we were doing things right. Then we had this brilliant thought! The members, we need to work with members. We had written down a few new families with whom we could work the following week in our weekly planning and we decided to go talk to them. We were able to find them all in their houses and share a little scripture, and then several of them committed to come and accompany us for different days of the week to help us with some of our investigators. And now we've decided to try and work with different members every week so that we can show the members all the work they can do and how they can help us and help the less actives! It was a great day!

That's all for now! Hopefully I can find my camera! Keep smiling all the time!
Has anyone told you what day it is today?? Because it is a GREAT day to be a missionary!!

-Elder Slack

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