Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 11: Moving day

These past few days have flown, especially since I only wrote on last Wednesday. Literally though, the time as a missionary is so short, everyday feels like minutes and weeks like seconds. I'll be home before I even know it, so I'm trying to use the time I have to learn everything that I can and to become the best missionary that I can!

It has been a little different over the past few days. The missionary work is going really well, just the other day we started working with 3 new investigators, who are all really interested in the Gospel, now we just have to pray and hope that they will be able to feel the spirit testify to them of the truth of this gospel and that they will see the blessings in their lives!

This is also the start of my second transfer! Crazy! One transfer gone! Just like that! We got a call on Saturday, and... Elder Tolentino and I will both be staying here in Gonzalez Catán for another 6 weeks, at the least! Also, Elder Tolentino is now our new District Leader! I'm trying to convince him that we should do a picnic for our District activity, but I'm not sure that he likes the idea to much. But things are a changing.

We moved pensions today, from our so beloved box of a pension to a newer multi-roomed pension, with very light blue walls! Also, bonus, it has a tiny air conditioning unit for our sleeping room, yeah! But we heard the news that we would probably move last week, they told us that we would be moving within the next 2 weeks (ish). So, we waited for them to call us back with a more specific time of when we were going to move, and we tried calling them a few times, and what happened? Well we haven't heard anything, it's about  10:15 last night, we are getting ready to go to bed and the phone rings... It's the pensionaros (missionaries who manage where we are going to live). You're moving tomorrow morning, pack everything. Yay! So we got the wonderful opportunity to stay up until about 2:30 in the morning, packing all of our stuff, then we woke up this morning at 6:30 and continued to pack away all of the stuff of the pension into our suitcases, and what little boxes we could find. We moved everything into a big van around 12 and then went to the other pension where we dump everything off, and unpack almost nothing, and now we're here! P-day, ya fue. 

But it's been an interesting week to say the least, I had my first experience with an Evangelica (Don't remember the English translation for that) member this week,  we had an interesting lesson with her where she talked almost the entire time, then she asked if we could close with a prayer, so we say yes of course! Starts out pretty normal, but then she starts doing some sort of chant and gets louder every time, and then goes up to each one of us and is chanting loudly at Elder Tolentino and the young adult who was with us, and then comes up to me, and is chanting at me, she puts here hand on my shoulder, and chants at me for probably a little over a minute. And in that moment, as I tried not to move a muscle, in my mind I began praying for protection, and that this sister could understand the truth someday.

But that's all, for now, lot's of good is happening! Christmas is coming soon, and it's really warm and really humid.

Love you all

-Elder Slack

Packing all night

Zone leader going away

 sweaty and tired, but pleased, after we moved everything

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