Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 4: No mas GAFAS!!

Hola once again from the MTC!

It's been one great week here! I love it so much! Honestly we have so much fun and learn so much every single day! The spirit is incredibly strong and our district has grown so close together! This week has been full of some odd things happening. 

To start off, it's been kind of like some sort of weird family reunion or something, because you wouldn't believe who I met this week. It was during lunch, and all of a sudden the Hermanas in our district come walking up with another hermana in trail that I have never seen before. They come a little bit closer and I see her name tag, guess what? It's an Hermana Slack! Would you look at that, but that's not all! Just yesterday on Tuesday, It's just in between the break from Choir and our Tuesday night devotional, my companion and I head down to go to the bathroom and while I'm waiting for him to finish up, who would just so happen to walk on out of the bathroom other than Elder Stockton! Que en el mundo!? Am I right! So obviously I had to talk to him and grab a quick pic of his name tag. We may have been related in some distant string, but it's whatever, still pretty legit. 

Also, probably one of the most interesting stories of the week, we went to choir on Tuesday last week, and Elder Dobson is our room mates companion and he doesn't like to go to choir so he was on a split with another Elder for a bit. So we all go off to dinner early so that we can get to choir on time, and we're sitting there eating our food, when these two other Elders from another district in our zone come waltzing up and ask "Hey do one of you have your key?" And we're like why? Well come to find out, post gym time we all showered and ran off to dinner, on our way out, we kind of.... Closed the door. And Elder Dobson was still in the shower, so he was kind of stranded in the hall in his towel without his key locked out of our room. As you can see life gets pretty crazy at the MTC *sarcasm*

Also, I've seen a few people from back home around, I have yet to see Brother Bonney (my cousin) but I've seen Elder Shane Woolston around, he's headed to his mission in Japan around the same day that I head out. Also I saw Sister Sammy Yost this week and said hi to her for a second. It's about to be sad time here though, because as of today I have only 11 days left in the MTC! Crazy right! It's like I'm an English speaker on his second day here, but I've already been here for 4 weeks. I don't know how you English speakers learn enough to be able to teach in the 12 days that you have here. 

I've learned so much about teaching lessons, we get to teach probably 8 - 12 lessons every week, it's so much fun! I've learned so much about the Gospel and about sharing it's message with others in the world, I'm super excited to get out into the field and see what it's like, but I'll be so sad when I have to leave all of the people and everything that I've gotten used to here at the MTC. I've truly grown to love it here and to love everyone around me! But that's the way of the mission. Spanish is going great too, I just love Spanish sooooo much!!! It's so awesome! The gift of Tongues is incredibly real, especially here at the MTC. 

Also this past week I've played a bit of basketball with my district, it's so much fun, I'm probably  one of the worst players, but It's still fun to play around. We play games to 6 win by 2 or first to 11 by ones and twos. And the very first game that I played, it was a close game it was tied 8-8, and someone knocked the ball and it rolled out probably past half court almost out of bounds, and I ran and stopped it before it went out, I grabbed it, I was dribbling back and my defender was hanging out about 2 feet in front of the 3 point line waiting for me to come. So I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, but I was probably 8 or 9 feet away from the 3 point line and I decided to shoot it, so I popped it up in the air with all of my might and.... Swish! To win the game, I felt pretty good needless to say. 

A lot happened in basketball this week, You may be wondering what the subject of this email has to do with anything, well. It was the end of gym time yesterday, I was trying to be a good helper and put away these big pad things that they put away, and I walked over to help this kid out, but then he decided that he had it. He hefts it up on his shoulder, and we're walking casually towards the exit, we walk underneath the basketball hoop where someone decides to shoot the ball, they air ball it. It bounces off of the blue pad thing the other kid is carrying, the ball rockets towards my face, and in the split second it was in the air I think "Wow that was lucky it didn't hit that kid in the face" and pow! The ball hits me in the head, knocks off my glasses, and the next thing you know I woke up on a hospital bed all wrapped up!....... Just kidding, sorry mom, It just hit me in the face and I saw my wonderful amazing glasses that I have come to love and hold dear to my heart fall down to the ground and I see the other half of my glasses going in the other direction. Actually it was only one of the two glasses frame arms (whatever you call them). So now, they are broken. Sad day, but it's alright, I've got an extra pair that look fairly similar.

Now that that's over, guess what! We are now officially the oldest district in our zone, which feels weird because I know essentially nothing about being a missionary since I've only heard what it's like and I have never been out into the field, but now we're expected to answer all of the questions of the younger districts and everything. We've got the zone leaders and the sister training leaders in our district, also not to forget the all important Sacrament Coordinators, which is me and my companion Elder Hall. 

I got a haircut last week after I emailed, obviously they don't have the best hair cutters in the world, but It works right, I'm not trying to impress anyone or anything so yay!

Life is just moving like crazy here though, the time is literally flying by, feels like yesterday that I just got here, and now I've been out for almost a whole month! I know that these next 2 years are going to fly by. Do me a favor and smile today! Life is good! The church is true!

Elder Slack

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