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Week 3: Joseph Smith

Amigos y Familia!!

Hola once again from the MTC! I'm loving it here! It's so awesome! My district is amazing and Spanish is honestly so much fun, I don't know why, but it is! Me and my companion are getting along great! We got an assignment for Sundays this past week, we are the Sacrament coordinators so we get to go and prepare the sacrament every week and give the prayers in espaƱol and make sure that there are people there to pass the sacrament I'm excited, all those years of sacrament experience getting to apply them on the mission!

So our old District leader, we just changed and have a new one now, he's 21 years old his name is Elder Carson and he's prematurely balding or something like that, but he told me this amazing joke this last week. "What do you call 3 rabbits hopping backwards?? ....... A receding hare line!" Prime stuff am I right!

The MTC schedule is getting a little repetitive, it's pretty much wake up, eat food, class, eat food, class, eat food, devotional class sleep. But it's great I love it, I learn so much every single day. I've resolved that we probably have some of the best missionary teachers, because they are all returned missionaries, they all served in South America/Mexico, and because they served there they taught around 5-10 lessons a day so they know how to teach and they know about the culture, one of my teachers went to the Buenos Aires North Mission, and they all know so much about the gospel and about teaching it and loving it and everything. It's pretty awesome!

Also every week on P-day, we get to go to the temple in the morning, it's awesome, it's literally right across the street and we just walk on over and get to go inside and work there, then after that we get to go and eat breakfast in the temple, it is literally the most divine food in the world right now, because we've been eating the byu food service food and let's just say that it's not the most healthy stuff and doesn't taste amazing, I've just been eating oatmeal or cereal everyday for breakfast everyday and It's just okay, so the waffle I get at the temple is just amazing compared to what we eat here. But I'm grateful for food, and also I'm grateful that I don't have to eat at the MTC for the rest of my mission.

We have a devotional here every Sunday and Tuesday, It's awesome we've had some of the best speakers here, they teach us so much and I've been spiritually fed every time they speak, but also just before the devotional we have choir practice and then we sing a song as a choir for everyone, which there are more missionaries in the choir than there are in the rest of the audience. We don't sound amazing, but we're actually pretty good, but over this past week we sang Joseph Smith's first prayer, (I think that's the song) and the choir director is just awesome, he always has some cool stories and a sweet testimony about every single song, and he told us some amazing stories and facts about the accounts of the first vision, and it strengthened my testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet so much. And he shared some personal stories from his mission and bore his testimony on the power of the first vision. This one short story, he said he was out on his mission in Brazil and he and his companion came out from teaching a lesson with some investigators and his companion turned to him and said "NEVER teach the first vision like that again" and he was confused and said "Like what??" Then his companion said to him "Like it's not true! Because it is a true story Elder!" That really made me think about my testimony of Joseph Smith and how I teach it, I never want to be teaching and speak and sound like I don't think that it is true, because I know that Joseph Smith went in that day to the sacred grove and prayed, and God and Jesus Christ came down to him. You can read Joseph Smith's story online at or just google Joseph smith history or something like that and it should have Joseph Smith's account of what he saw, and I'd like to challenge you all to read it, or reread it, and think about your own testimony, or if you don't know that it is true, take 3 minutes to pray about it, because if that moment isn't true, then none of this church is true, and I know for myself that it happened.

Also this week, there was an elder in another district that had a birthday, and his family sent him a ton of presents and food and stuff, so we had a little mini birthday party out in the hall in front of our room, and he got a ton of balloons and candy, then he gave a bunch of it away, so I grabbed some and everyone gets a ton of packages and so there's a ton of candy just floating around, so I've been able to satisfy my sugar cravings enough for now without buying anything.

Me and my companion Elder Hall have been teaching our investigators and we have been learning so much about teaching and how to apply the lesson to the investigators. I've learned so much about teaching that I never knew before and the language is coming really easily, I don't really worry to much about the language anymore, I just worry about planning the lesson and figuring out what the investigators need. Elder Hall is still struggling with the language a little bit still, but he's talking more and more with each and every lesson.
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