Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 2: Strange things in the night!

Hey hey! I'm alive! Week 2 has gone by so freaking fast! It's been a great week, tons of learning and exciting things happening, general conference was great! It was so cool to hear from all of the prophets and apostles here at the MTC with all of the missionaries, the spirit is so strong here!!

I need to start off and apologize, I had this moment last week when I sat down, wrote all of my emails and my big group email and I sent it out to a bunch of people and then my time was up and then probably 15 minutes later I thought... Wait... did I send that to my mom and dad? Sorry!! I don't think I did, also sorry to anyone who wanted to get it that didn't, friends or family, I felt really bad and wanted to hop back on for 5 seconds to forward it to you, but Obedience is key and I had to stick to the hour that I am given.

Anyways, I just loved general conference it was great! There were so many different things said that I thought applied directly to me! And getting to watch all of the sessions was a nice little break from the normal schedule here at the MTC, we just got to sit back in our horribly cramped uncomfortable stadium seats and enjoy their words for us. Honestly it was great I loved it apart from the seats that are meant for Elementary school sized kids, I can never feel comfortable when sitting in them no matter how hard I try or how much I move around.

The rest of the week was just incredible, I'll try and touch on a few of the highlights. I've essentially gotten used to the MTC schedule now, waking up at 6:30 is a cinch, at least if you get to bed right at 10:30, there are a few elders who just don't care and stay up later every night and every morning I hear them complaining about how hard it is to get up. I try and tell them, but they always want to do other stuff besides sleep when 10:30 rolls around.

We got 2 new districts in our zone this past week, they're an interesting group of kids, a lot of them still have the total high school mindset going on here, and they're all about the social life and trying to look cool and impress everyone else with their girlfriends and their extreme workout regiments. It's kind of weird, every night probably 6 or 7 people from our floor have a big pow wow in front of our room where they all try and show off their muscles and see who can do the most complex kind of push up and the most pull up's and then some people will stand around and talk about how "back in high school" they could do so many more push-ups. It's kind of weird, but whatever.

Story of the week, it is quite a doozy! My companion, Elder Hall if you didn't get my last weeks letter, he's an interesting kid, we get along really well, but we just have different personalities, I want to work hard all the time and he just wants to mess around and have fun all the time, it works out though because we kind of balance each other out. So just the other night, I was sound asleep in my bed, I was having the weirdest of dreams that you'll have to ask me about some other time, but in the dream I hear this banging and it is really annoying, I have no idea where it's coming from, but all of a sudden I wake up. And I'm thinking why in the world am I awake at this time of night? I look at my clock, it's like 2:45 in the morning and I'm super confused, so I just go back to bed. Well I sleep well the rest of the night, then I get up the next morning, everything is fine and dandy. Then Elder Hall starts talking and he's like where were you guy's! I was freezing all night! Why didn't you wake up! And we're like whoa whoa, what are you talking about? Because he just starts getting all grumpy about nothing we know about. Well as it turns out... That thumping I heard in my dream, was Elder Hall thumping on our window, it woke me up, but he didn't keep knocking. Elder Hall had slept walked out of our room, up the stairs, through the door and to outside, he said that he woke up by a tree over by the fence here. He was trapped outside for 2 and a half hours!! He couldn't get anyone to wake up, he was just freezing outside in his G's until finally around 4 am a security guard was taking his morning round about and he spotted him and let him in. We died when we heard his story, but also turns out he woke about 4 people up, but they all decided not to get up because they were to tired and they didn't know what it was, and some of them assumed it was some kids just messing with the MTC. But, from now on Elder hall is sleeping with his key and key card attached to him. 

Other then that, the week has been pretty normal. We've been teaching these 2 people consecutively almost every day. But just the other day after we finished our TRC lesson, which is just essentially another person we teach in Spanish for more practice. And we finished, we walk out of the room and we see our other investigator, and he's all dressed up, in a nice shirt and tie and has a name badge on that say's Hermano Brown. Elder Hall and I are confused right now and he just tells us to follow him so we go and we get to watch the other missionaries in our district teach on these camera's they have on a live feed from every room. And turns out, our investigator that we taught on the 3rd day, Who was named Guillermo, is actually Hermano Brown another one of our teachers. Quite surprised actually, but I like teacher Hermano Brown a lot more than investigator Hermano Brown as Guillermo. He is super energetic and excited about teaching the gospel. He keeps telling us that he's not here to be our friend, he's here to train us so that we can go out and baptize the WORLD!! He's awesome.

Other things, food is still food. I borrowed someone's card reader so I have pictures this week, we had the relief society general president come talk to us last night for our Tuesday night night devotional, it was awesome she said some amazingly inspiring things. I'm still learning Spanish, it's getting harder now, but I still love it.

I just thought of another story, I know you hear all the time of language switch ups and things that people say and earlier this week when Elder Hall and I were teaching a lesson we were teaching and Elder hall was trying to talk about Joseph Smith and tell our investigator that he was the start of the Restoration of the church, well it came out as "JosĂ© Smith es la esposa de la restauracĂ­on" Which translates to Joseph smith is the wife of the restoration, and our investigator just gave us this really weird look and then we realized what he had said. 

Anyway's I'll tell you more next week! Keep everything real for me and stay awesome!!

Elder Slack

Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission

Mailing Address:
Elder Stockton Gerald Slack
2007 N 900 E Unit 97
Provo UT 8462

P.S. My companion is the big redhead one in a few of the pictures. Also if anyone still doesn't get it let me know.

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